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By SUSAN HORNIK | Let’s face it–sometimes you need to find a unique way to spice up the bedroom! Of course, veteran sex toy brand Tracy’s Dog  has a plethora of fun pleasure stimulation toys. 

One of the impressive highlights is called Turboo, which redefines the male orgasm experience and provides incredible new levels of immense pleasure for men!

Using Tracy’s Dog’s proprietary CFEETCentrifugal Forced Ejaculation Enhancement Technology, Turboo can output ultra-high rotation speed and centrifugal force, ensuring it can well simulate the male genitalia and deliver some unprecedented mind-blowing pleasure to men with 3 dynamic vibration modes (up to 13,000 rounds/minute!). 

“Turboo is excellent for glands exercising, stimulating, and desensitizing, which is super beneficial to couples who love to have more fun for a longer time,” enthused ceo Fish Zhang. 

There are two Turboo versions which can be used in the bathtub, noted Zhang. “One is suitable for single use, using multi-touch contact and massage to exercise the penis, enhance endurance, improve durability and reach the effect of orgasm. The other is an analog channel, suitable for single masturbation or couple use.” 

Even if you don’t have a boo, Turboo is great for self love too!

“It’s super easy to operate and can provide a wonderful climax experience,” explained Zhang. “The trajectory of Turboo is different from other masturbation cups. Within the 3 modes, the speeds can be accelerated automatically based on where you grip the device, thanks to the CFEET technology.”

With tight competition in the sex toy industry, Zhang has worked tirelessly to be aware of the industry trends. “We have been in the adult products industry for more than 10 years and have seen products tend to be the same and gradually lose creativity. We really want to put out the best quality items possible, that are reasonably priced. Also, the noise with some devices is far more than 50 decibels, which contributes to consumers writing negative reviews.” 

This is why Tracy’s Dog created technology and function that is suitable for men and women and can imitate the trajectory of movement in the process of sex. 

“Based on this function and technology, we first created a male masturbation cup so that men can fully experience the comprehensive and all-around experience combined with thrusting movement and additional shaking and vibration during use. In addition, the Turboo can provide sufficient power with little sound, and it’s easy to control with one hand, since it’s only the size of a Starbucks cup,” he said. 

“Turboo is like a high-performance sports car, allowing men to experience the speed and passion brought by the toy,” he quipped. “The rocket shape design is eye-catching and the added lighting enhances the atmosphere when in use! 

Great news for trans women who have transitioned or are transitioning: Tracy’s Dog is working on a turboo for women! “We always have lots going on! Currently, we are doing research and development on how to reduce the size of the power source to be used in products such as Kegel balls and vibrating eggs.”

Another popular product for the ladies is the OGPro2 Sucking Vibrator.

“The insertion part of the OG Pro 2 is in the perfect size for users to have the most stimulation during use, since it’s not too big or too small,” said Zhang. “Plus, this product is versatile because it’s not only great for vaginal sex, but also can be used as a butt plug for lgbtq couples. 

Even if you are someone who has never experienced using butt plugs or anal sex, Zhang said this toy is perfect for them to start! “Plus, it’s remote-controlled, so it’s easy to operate and can have more fun during play.”

Fans of the OGPro2 love the product because of its versatility, and it gets the job done nicely! “It’s not only a simple vibrator but a vibrator with a suction function that gives ladies orgasms that are totally different from the G-Spot orgasms!” Zhang said excitedly. 

Another highlight to the brightly colored product is its design, which is inspired by the angle between the thumb and the index finger during masturbation. “This makes the OGPro2  super ergonomic and flexible, making sure it can hit all the sweet spots you want!” 

Zhang’s customers have offered lots of feedback and suggestions, which he really appreciates. 

“Some give high compliments about the OG Pro2, and say the product greatly helps tighten the bonds between couples. We appreciate all the feedback and suggestions, and keep communicating with our customers in helping them enjoy the pleasure they deserve.” 

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Santa Monica-based wellness center creates peak male health and performance clinic



SANTA MONICA – Compelled by COVID-19 to shelter in place, the many months spent on “Pause” mode gave mankind a lot of time for navel gazing. For some men, that gazing continued south, just past the navel—and forced them to face some hard truths about certain shortcomings. Night after night, like New Year’s Eve on a loop, resolutions were made to get some help in the personal growth department, as soon as the world at large was up for it.

At roughly the same time, a former ER trauma surgeon whose Santa Monica-based wellness center specialized in regenerative and anti-aging healthcare was busy creating a stand-alone practice dedicated to peak male health and performance.

Flash forward to the present, and Total Male is the new boutique offering from Dr. Daniel Moghadam, or “Dr. D, as his patients like to call him. At the center of Total Male (actually, a bit south of center, just past the navel) is a time-tested, well-vetted, permanent penis enlargement procedure that has improved the sexual lives and everyday confidence of its many recipients.

Best of all, the procedure is non-surgical, carrying none of the risks associated with going under the knife. That means no stitches, cutting, or general anesthesia. The instantaneous results appear natural and are permanent.

“The procedure is done with a topical numbing agent and the collagen injection creates permanent tissue growth that can be built upon with multiple procedures, if that’s what the patient wants,” explains Total Male intake specialist Cameron. “If you’ve gained an inch or girth when you’re flaccid, you’re going to be that much bigger when you’re erect.” Although you can go right back to most regular activities right after the procedure, you’ll need a 30-day period without sexual activity, so the college can settle.

In addition to those who simply want a noticeable improvement in girth, the enlargement procedure has been an effective option for those who’ve suffered the results of botched penile surgeries or issues like erectile dysfunction, anxiety, or other factors most men deal with at some point in their lives. 

But Dr. D’s Total Male practice is more than just the marquee penis enlargement procedure. “We also do PRP injections, and that helps with blood flow,” notesCameron, of the many add-on options. “We find that helps a lot of our patients get to the next level on their quest to achieve peak sexual performance. If that’s not enough, we also recommend testing hormone and testosterone levels, and then design a course of treatment for those factors if need be.”

Stress, an understandable component of living in the era of COVID-19 and its Delta variant, is also a factor Dr. D takes into account. In fact, all aspects of mind and body are involved in diagnosis and treatment, making Total Male as much of a mission statement as a brand name.

“His background as an ER doctor has exposed him to many traumas and problems,” says Cameron of Dr. D, noting, “He’s been able to pinpoint seemingly minor or unrelated problems and reverse them. And because of his education in anti-aging hormones and his aversion to having a patient go under the knife, he comes at the whole spectrum of male performance with a different perspective than, say, a plastic surgeon or a psychologist.”

So if you’ve been putting off taking the first step toward gaining the normal confidence that comes with above average circumference, book a consultation with the Total Male team. Each consultation includes information on a variety of finance options, and a detailed description of the patient’s role in a recovery process that will produce permanent results.

Call 805-608-4711 or visit

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8th annual “GOLD MEETS GOLDEN”



By Susan Hornik | LOS ANGELES – The 8th annual “GOLD MEETS GOLDEN” event has gone virtual this year, with inspiring “Stay Gold” conversations between Hollywood’s most loved actors and athletes. While usually taking place during the Golden Globes, the pandemic pivoted lgbtq organizers Charley C. Walters and Scott Orlin to create a more intimate video event surrounding the 2021 Olympics, raising money for the much loved sports charity organization, Angel City Sports.

“Angel City Sports has been a perfect charity partner for Gold Meets Golden for several years now,” enthused Walters. “Since its inception 7 years ago, ACS has provided the opportunity for hundreds of children in the disabled community to find an outlet in Adaptive Sports. We’ve seen first-hand how that introductions enhances their lives. It is so wonderful to know that the children we are helping via this charity will one day compete for our own Paralympics in Los Angeles in 2028!”  

Conducting the conversations online has turned out to be a blessing, as Walters was able to include many impressive international celebrities and athletes who normally can’t travel to Los Angeles for the in person, Beverly Hills charity bash. 

“Technology allowed us to connect personalities from the UK to Australia to Japan, and to spread the theme of Gold Meets Golden and Angel City Sports to a broader, worldwide audience,” he said. 

Among the many exciting virtual video conversations taking place is between actress Nicole Kidman and the equally legendary gymnast, NadiaComaneci.

“Nicole is a huge fan of the Olympics and Paralympics and even once dreamt of being an Olympic swimmer in her home country of Australia,”  Walters noted. “She attends as many Olympics Games as she can but this time, has obviously posed limitations. Gold Meets Golden is a great way for her and the entire Hollywood community to show love to these esteemed athletes. She has been a true champion for the cause by lending her support for all these years.”

Other fantastic chats are between Billy Porter with Track & Field High Jumper Vashti Cunningham

Sasha Baron Cohen with UK Diver Tom Daley

the cast of Apple TV’s “Ted Lasso” (Hannah Waddingham, Brett Goldstein, Nick Mohammed, Juno Temple and Phil Dunster) with World-Cup winning Soccer players Alex Morgan and Crystal Dunn

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas with Paralympic runner Roderick Townsend & Olympian Ty-Butts Townsend;

and Matt Bomer with Paralympic racer Tatyana McFadden

The series will also feature a special Paralympic-inspired musical performance of Diane Warren and Laura Pausini’s Oscar-nominated “Lo Si / Seen,” with special guest Blake Stadnik (“This is Us”), who will represent the visually impaired community.

The online conversations have been so popular that many more celebrities are stepping forward to record more thought on the Games. It is expected they will post prior to the start of the Paralympics. 

“One of our main objectives with Gold Meets Golden was to provide a bridge between actors and athletes; an opportunity for each to share their own story about techniques and preparations,” added Orlin.

“With our ‘In Conversation’ series, viewers are provided with a truly special opportunity to witness this mutual admiration of this grouping as they each share some very personal perspectives.”

For their VIP sponsors, Gold Meets Golden 2021 is working with a variety of partners who support both Hollywood & sporting industries.

“Our brands came up with some very clever ways to enjoy the Games from home… for example, by supplying ingredients for a Tequila Herradura “Golden Angel” cocktail to all our participants,” said Walters. 

Herradura Recipe for the “Golden Angel” Cocktail:

“We also loved seeing the reaction from the Angel City Sports athletes who truly appreciated gifts like a 24K Theragun massager, Gold Slip sleep mask and Gold ‘That Neck Pillow,’ all of which helps balance their competition and rest time.”

Angel City Sports athletes for “Theragun”

“It was an honor to be asked to help support such a worthy organization,” said That Neck Pillow’s inventor Lynthia Muller. “Getting involved with the charity serves as a reminder that we all need someone and that we should always help one another when we can.These pillows help improve posture, relieve pain and can help these athletes destress after a workout.”

Angel City Sports athletes for “Slip”

Added Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody: “We are proud to partner with Gold Meets Golden, and to have been able to provide Theragun percussive therapy devices to all participating celebrities, athletes and para-athletes. I know this will help them. And, we’re so honored to support Angel City Sports para-athletes who are using the devices as part of their training and recovery and to help with life’s physical challenges.”

Angel City Sports athletes for “ThatNeckPillow”

Zappo’s Adaptive also stepped up to the plate by creating some custom adaptive outfits based on the children’s disabilities and lifestyles. “The athletes’ reactions upon opening these gifts were priceless,” said Walters.

In addition, RedBull and Deloitte are helping support conversations for their own endorsed athletes, and the popular app FASHWIRE is helping athletes who want to start their own fashion lines following the Olympics.

“This is FASHWIRE’s second year supporting Gold Meets Golden, and we are excited to help pivot from last year’s live fashion show to a new online series advising Olympians and Paralympians on how to start their own fashion lines, especially within the growing adaptive wear community,” said company spokesperson Kimberly Carney.

If you would like to donate: Text GMG to 71777 or use this link to donate.

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The Best Bitcoin Dice Gambling Sites (2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

If you are looking for the best bitcoin dice site, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Crypto dice reviews to find out more!



Many websites allow bitcoin deposits out there. Choosing the best bitcoin dice gambling site may be more complicated than it seems. 

Who to trust?

These reviews present a selection of the best dice gambling platforms for all crypto enthusiasts based on several essential criteria.

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