September 8, 2017 at 11:13 am PDT | by Mariah Cooper
Lady Gaga is taking a break from music
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(Screenshot via YouTube.)

Lady Gaga is going on hiatus.

While promoting her upcoming Netflix documentary “Gaga: Five Foot Two” at the Toronto Film Festival, the pop star told The Hollywood Reporter she’s taking a break.

While Gaga doesn’t know when she will be back, she won’t quit her passion completely.

“I’m going to take a rest,” Gaga says. “It doesn’t mean I won’t be creating. It doesn’t mean I don’t have some things up my sleeve.”

She continued that she plans to “slow down for a moment, for some healing. Because that’s important.”

Gaga’s documentary follows the singer as she deals with the emotional highs of creating her album “Joanne” and performing at the Superbowl. She also opens up about her struggles, including her battle with chronic pain, a secret she had been keeping from the public until now.

“There is an element and a very strong piece of me that believes pain is a microphone,” Gaga explained at the press conference. “My pain really does me no good unless I transform it into something that is. I hope that people watching it that struggle with chronic pain know they are not alone.”

“Gaga: Five Foot Two” streams on Netflix on Sept. 22.

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