March 23, 2017 at 10:15 am PDT | by Staff reports
Equality California opposes Gorsuch
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Judge Neil Gorsuch (Washington Blade photo by Michael Key)

Equality California has sent a letter to members of the United States Senate urging them to oppose confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

In the letter, Equality California disputes Trump administration claims that Gorsuch is a moderate. “In fact, Gorsuch’s legal opinions are rooted in originalism, the belief that the Constitution should be interpreted in a manner consistent with those who drafted and ratified it nearly two and a half centuries ago,” Equality California said in a statement. “He is far to the right of the majority of Americans who believes in women’s reproductive freedom, marriage for same-sex couples and the separation of church and state. He sided with employers in two federal cases supporting an employer’s right to refuse to pay for contraception as part of employee health coverage if doing so violates the employer’s religious beliefs. This viewpoint regarding religious liberties has serious implications for LGBT people.”

The letter to senators states in part:

“On behalf of our 800,000 members, Equality California is deeply concerned about Mr. Gorsuch’s judicial rulings and philosophy and his zeal to expand religious liberties, as demonstrated by his signature argument in the Hobby Lobby case. In his opinion, Mr. Gorsuch supported the denial of birth control coverage for employees in their company-provided health plans if an employer claims that denying such coverage is based on “religious beliefs” Merely signing an ACA opt-out form, Gorsuch wrote, posed a moral dilemma for such employers because it made them ‘complicit’ in something they found ‘sinful.’”

The letter to all 100 members of the United States Senate was signed by Equality California Executive Director Rick Zbur and National Policy Director Valerie Ploumpis.

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