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Trinity’s tricks of the trade

Trinity Taylor (aka Ryan Taylor) says her season was one of the tightest competitions in the history of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race.’ (Photo courtesy VH1)

Trinity Taylor, one of the finalists from season nine of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” is on the “War on the Catwalk” tour, which is slated to stop in LA.

The queens come to LA on Aug. 12 at Orpheum Theatre. Trinity spoke with the Blade by phone from her home in Orlando, Fla.

BLADE: Where are you right now?

TRINITY TAYLOR: I’m in my bedroom. Are you gonna ask me what I’m wearing next?

BLADE: Sure, why not?

TRINITY: A grungy T-shirt and we’re leaving it there (laughs).

BLADE: Tell us about the tour.

TRINITY: Yeah, well, I was very fortunate that they asked me to host the tour which is kind of nerve wracking because I’ve hosted tons and tons and tons of shows but this is a major tour this season nine tour, so there’s a lot more pressure. So hopefully I do OK. I am, you know, I’ll do what I do best — show my tuck, hopefully make some people laugh and the biggest thing is just entertain because that’s what I am, an entertainer.

BLADE: I thought Trixie was hosting.

TRINITY: We’re both hosting. Maybe certain dates. I don’t know that she’s doing the whole thing.

BLADE: How did you like the format for the “Drag Race” finale this year?

TRINITY: Well obviously I thought it was terrible because I didn’t make the top two (laughs). I’m just kidding. I think it was great for the show. It’s something the show needed because the show was very predictable the past couple of years, you know, the person who wins the most challenges wins. So this was definitely something that was shocking and something different which is good, change is good. I think it got a lot of attention and exposure and that’s good for the show and whatever’s good for the show’s gonna be good for me.

BLADE: Charlie Hides said during the reunion she only got two hours of sleep one night. Is the competition really that intense? Did you sleep well during the run?

TRINITY: So, um, Charlie, I love Charlie, but the reason why Charlie was saying all these excuses was people were putting her on the spot for her terrible lip sync. So she was just grasping at straws. As far as sleep goes, first of all, this is a competition. You’re not signing up to go to a weekend spa. When they say it is “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” it is really a race. You have very little time, the schedule is grueling, the challenges are not easy. … If you’re watching it and you go, “Yeah, I could do that,” well yeah, you maybe could do that if you had the time but when you’re on a time crunch, you don’t have a lot of time and so, you might not do your best. Or you may do phenomenal, but it is a race. So as far as sleep goes, you got plenty of hours to sleep because there was a schedule of when we were done and when we were picked up. But when you had your alone time in the hotel rooms, you did have to make sure you knew your lip sync songs, make sure if you had anything last minute you needed to work on, prepare for, you know, all that’s on your own time. So for her to say she didn’t have enough sleep, that’s really on her.

BLADE: Could you tell she was phoning it in on that lip sync or were you too busy concentrating on your own performance to realize that?

TRINITY: Until I watched it on the episode, I didn’t know what she did. I kind of just zoned out, I was just like, “I’m in the bottom, I’ve got to stay,” and it didn’t matter who I was lip syncing against, I was going to stay, that was my focus. So she wasn’t even there to me, I was just performing.

BLADE: What struck you most watching the show vs. experiencing it in person? Do you see it at all before it airs or you see it with everybody else?

TRINITY: Oh, no that’s the first time we see it. What’s shocking is — I’ll give Alexis as an example. On the show, Alexis didn’t — I liked Alexis, she was not annoying at all, I didn’t see this like person who made excuses and blamed us for not doing well. For some reason it didn’t click in my mind while I was there that she was complaining a lot like that. And then watching the episodes I’m like, “Dang, she really tried to come in for us.” And so seeing it from a different perspective from actually being there, it just registers differently. And also seeing how everything is edited together. Not that they edited stuff that was not true, but just seeing how it all tells a story, it’s very interesting.

BLADE: On “Untucked” there’s often notes for the girls who are leaving in the workroom but it looks like they’re taken in there as soon as they get their makeup off. When do you have time to write notes if you’re — it appears — still out there on the main stage?

TRINITY: Um, what happens, um — I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you this but I’m gonna tell you anyway — what happens is after they have the person sashay away, that person goes and is sequestered for a short period of time, not long. For us to film the rest of it when she says, “If you can’t love yourself …” and then they play music and we leave. When we leave, we go directly back to the work area, take off our makeup and that’s when we are allowed to do the notes. Then we leave and then the person who’s eliminated is allowed to come back and that’s when they actually pack to leave. But the reason why we get our makeup off is they still have filming to do and they want to get us out of there quickly because we have to be up the next morning.

War on the Catwalk
Aug. 12, 8 p.m.
Orpheum Theatre
Los Angeles


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