September 19, 2017 at 12:44 pm PDT | by Mariah Cooper
Hillary Clinton teared up watching Kate McKinnon’s ‘SNL’ tribute
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(Screenshot via YouTube.)

Kate McKinnon earned an Emmy award for her role as Hillary Clinton on “Saturday Night Live” but the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences isn’t the only one who took notice.

Clinton gave McKinnon her own shoutout in her new memoir “What Happened.” In the chapter titled “Grit and Gratitude,” Clinton relives watching McKinnon portray her on the first episode of “Saturday Night Live” post-election.

“On the Saturday after the election, I turned on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and watched Kate McKinnon open the show with her impression of me one more time. She sat at a grand piano and played ‘Hallelujah’…. As she sang, it seemed like she was fighting back tears. Listening, so was I,” Clinton writes.

“At the end, Kate-as-Hillary turned to the camera and said, ‘I’m not giving up and neither should you,’ Clinton adds.

ABC News’ Chris Donovan tweeted the except from “What Happened” in honor of McKinnon’s big win.

McKinnon also thanked Clinton during her acceptance speech saying, “On a very personal note, I want to say thank you to Hillary Clinton for your grace and grit.

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