December 13, 2017 at 12:55 pm PST | by Mariah Cooper
Out MLB umpire Dale Scott retires after 32 seasons

(Dale Scott.)

MLB umpire Dale Scott announced his retirement at age 58 after 32 seasons on Tuesday due to a string of concussions.

“I’m done,” Scott told the Associated Press. 

Scott’s last game was in April when Baltimore Orioles slugger Mark Trumbo hit a foul ball to Scott’s mask. Scott was taken off the field and hospitalized. This was Scott’s fourth concussion in five years and second in nine months. Scott feared the repercussions of numerous concussions and made the decision to retire.

“In fact, it was pretty easy,” Scott says. “I wasn’t planning on this year being the last one. But I thought, this is a sign.”

Scott started his career in 1985 and went on to participate in three World Series games, three All-Star games and 91 post-season games.

He came out publicly as gay in 2014. In 2015, he was inducted into the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame. Scott is married to his partner since 1986, Michael Rausch.

Scott told Outsports that since coming out fans haven’t viewed him differently during games.

“The game starts and you’re just calling pitches and you’re just calling plays,” Scott says. “I don’t think the first thing fans are thinking is that’s the gay guy that made that call. That’s the umpire that made that call and I either agree with it or I don’t.”

“Before, if 40,000 fans would have Googled me and found out I was the gay guy, that would have horrified me,” he adds. “Now, I would be proud.”

Now that he’s retired, Scott plans to travel and spend more time with his husband.

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