May 10, 2018 at 11:24 am PST | by Karen Ocamb
Ana Navarro: ‘I am on the right side of history’

Ana Navarro is a Republican strategist and CNN contributor. (Photo by Karen Ocamb)

Editor’s note: CNN Republican pundit Ana Navarro was honored by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles on May 5 with the Outspoken Voice Award. “Outspoken” is an understatement. The feisty LGBT ally said GOP stood for “Grand Old Pedophile” for backing accused young-girl stalker Judge Roy Moore in his Alabama Senate race. He lost to Democrat Doug Jones, whose gay son Carson escorted Navarro to the stage in the Dolby Ballroom in Hollywood. Here are excerpts from her speech before an appreciative crowd.

We need to talk about the shit that is happening in this world, in this country. If you’re a Trump supporter, you’re in the wrong room. Please get the hell out. We’re in tough times for LGBTQ. It’s been so bad – even Caitlyn Jenner knows it’s bad….

President Loco, I mean, President Trump, has adopted a divide-and-conquer strategy. He pits one group of people against another. It worked for him during the campaign, and he’s showing no desire to change course. Our President— make that the president—is an undisciplined man-baby who whines, lies, tweets and picks fights with everyone….

We must respect people’s rights to make their own choice and exercise their right to vote as they see best. And I urge you not to questions people’s motives and patriotism or take away their Hispanic card or their black card….

Not all Trump supporters are deplorables. I don’t call them that. But I have absolutely no qualms about saying that Donald Trump is deplorable. His calling Mexicans rapists and criminals is deplorable. Calling POWs losers is deplorable. Mocking John McCain while he is battling a terminal cancer is deplorable. Calling black athletes who decide to exercise their First Amendment right to protest “sons of bitches” is deplorable. Questioning a US-born judge’s ability to do his job because his parents are Mexican immigrants is deplorable.

Telling African Americans they have nothing to lose is deplorable. They have their dignity to lose. Making fun of a disabled person is deplorable. Boasting about sexual assaults is deplorable. Not using your presidential bully pulpit to denounce bigotry is deplorable….

Not denouncing a domestic abuser working for you in the White House in the Oval Office is deplorable….Conducting [immigrant] raids in churches is deplorable. Ending DACA and then not doing a damn thing to fix it. Keeping hundreds of thousands of kids living in fear and anguish—kids who are American in every way but one—is deplorable. Eliminating protections for transgender students in public schools is deplorable. Banning transgender men and women willing to do what he was too much of a coward to do is deplorable…..

If core American values of unity and equality and fairness and basic decency and TRUTH are under attack, we are all under attack. When Trump demonizes immigrants and African Americans and LGBTQ people – when he attacks them, he is attacking all of us. Anyone that looks like us, and sounds like us and feels like us and has a heart like us…..

We must fight back. We must fight back hard and we must fight back together. Every DREAMer who lives in fear of being kicked out of the country they love and the only country they know – they need us to fight for them. Every transgender teen feeling like they don’t belong, getting bullied, maybe contemplating suicide—they need us to fight for them….The child with two loving daddies or two loving mommies maybe in places like Kansas or Oklahoma—you saw what they did there—who are afraid of their family’s right to exist as a legal family will be rolled back. They need us to fight for them.

Let me tell you—I refuse to be lectured to about family values by people who support tearing immigrant families apart and at the same time defend a president who we learn was having affairs with a porn actress and a Playboy bunny at the same time…..

But you know why those religious advocates look the other way on Trump? Because Trump throws them little bones that keep them happy. And you know what those little bones tend to be? It tends to be certainly LGBTQ rights. I have no doubt that the constant restriction of LGBTQ rights by Trump has everything to do with keeping his base happy and distracted from the fact that he cheats, he lies, and he has no moral compass…..

The one silver lining of the Trump election is that what has been asleep in America has awoken. The American spirit to defend our values is alive in each and every one of us…. We must win our country back because whether some like it or not, whether some deny it or not—whether the President of the United States acknowledges it or not—this is our country as much as it is his country….

We must get active. We must get loud. We must speak for those who are afraid to speak. …Donald Trump’s election has revealed the ugly underbelly of America….He didn’t invent racism but he legitimized it. He didn’t create division but he promoted it. He didn’t invent homophobia but he panders to it….

You don’t have to recognize me as your ally. It’s who I am….I am on the right side of history.

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