June 13, 2018 at 12:28 pm PDT | by Mariah Cooper
Disney accused of censoring gay kiss in video game trailer

(Screenshot via YouTube)

People are accusing Disney of censoring a gay kiss between two female video game characters in the trailer for the video game “The Last of Us Part II.”

Disney XD, Disney’s gaming-focused channel, broadcast the E3 Electronic Gaming Expo in partnership with IGN. The broadcast included the trailer for “The Last of Us Part II” which features two female characters kissing. The kiss did air but according to the Verge, the original kiss lasts for several seconds longer than was shown.

YouTube user Richard Crosby uploaded a video of Disney XD’s broadcast showing the shortened kiss. After the characters lock lips the trailer is replaced with an IGN screen.

According to a Disney spokesperson, the scene was cut short not because of the kiss but because of violent scenes after the kiss. Violent scenes throughout the broadcast were blurred on Disney XD.

“The Disney XD policy does not allow for gratuitous violence in programming that children may be viewing. During the channel’s General Audience, DX|P-branded programming from the E3 gaming conference yesterday, telecast editors omitted content that did not meet our policy standards, including several seconds of an animated video game scene that began with a kiss, but ended with a knife attack in which a character’s throat was slashed. Only the latter, violent portion of the scene was not televised from the event,” the statement reads.

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