September 5, 2018 at 11:05 am PDT | by Mariah Cooper
NBC announces ‘Law & Order’ spin-off spotlighting hate crimes

(Screenshot via YouTube)

NBC has announced yet another “Law & Order” spin-off is in the works. The latest installment “Law & Order: Hate Crimes” will be introduced during the new season of “Law & Order: SVU.”

“Law & Order: Hate Crimes” will be based on New York City’s real-life Hate Crimes Task Force. According to Deadline, the series is “set in New York City, where crimes motivated by discrimination are vigorously investigated by an elite, specially trained team of investigators. Going behind the headlines and viral videos, these diverse, dedicated and passionate detectives will stop at nothing to bring these criminals to justice.”

Producer Dick Wolf says he hopes “Hate Crimes” will change people’s mindset in the same way “SVU” did when it first aired.

“As with all of my crime shows, I want to depict what’s really going on in our cities and shine a light on the wide-ranging victims and show that justice can prevail,” Wolf said. “Twenty years ago when SVU began, very few people felt comfortable coming forward and reporting these crimes, but when you bring the stories into people’s living rooms – with characters as empathetic as Olivia Benson – a real dialogue can begin. That’s what I hope we can do with this new show in a world where hate crimes have reached an egregious level.”

Despite Wolf’s optimism, some people were skeptical about the series’ content airing during the current political climate.

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