January 30, 2019 at 2:02 pm PST | by Mariah Cooper
Super Bowl will have its first out cameraman

Scott Winer. (Photo via Instagram @littlescottie)

Cameraman Scott Winer will become the first openly gay cameraman to film the Super Bowl during the match between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots in Atlanta on Feb. 3.

In an interview with OutSports, the 34-year-old Atlanta native says he always hoped he could work at the Super Bowl but it seemed like a distant dream.

“Doing a show like a Super Bowl is one of those things that in the back of your mind it’s what you work toward, but there’s also that part of you that wonders if it’s ever going to happen because it seems like such a lofty goal,” Winer told Outsports.

Winer kicked off his cameraman career in sixth grade when he received his first paid job to record a high school girls basketball team. He went on to record college games at University of Kansas, where he attended. Now, he works for CBS, Turner, and local broadcasts in south Florida shooting the big league games for the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA.

He also says his co-workers have been supportive of him being out in his professional life.

“I don’t think I ever could have imagined working in an environment where there is such love and support from people I work with, from such a range of ages and experience levels,” Winer says. ”It really is surreal.”

However, his struggle coming out in high school didn’t go as smoothly.

“When I came out in high school, it was a difficult time for me personally,” Winer says. “So I don’t think ever in my wildest dreams I would have ever imagined an opportunity to work a Super Bowl in my home city, under any circumstances.”

Winer, who says he is the only out gay cameraman he knows, likes to keep a little LGBT pride in his workplace. He can often be seen wearing his Nike BeTrue shoes. There’s also “Magoo,” a viewfinder shade with a built-in magnifier adorned with a rainbow triangle.

The Los Angeles Rams vs. New England Patriots game will also include the first time male cheerleaders perform at the Super Bowl as the Los Angeles Rams cheer squad will take the field on Sunday.

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