April 1, 2019 at 1:20 pm PDT | by Mariah Cooper
Elton John supports George Clooney’s Brunei-owned hotel boycott
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Elton John (Screenshot via YouTube)

Elton John is on board to join George Clooney’s call to boycott hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei in response to the country’s anti-gay death law.

“I commend my friend, George Clooney, for taking a stand against the anti-gay discrimination and bigotry taking place in the nation of Brunei – a place where gay people are brutalized, or worse – by boycotting the sultan’s hotels,” John tweeted. “Our hearts go out to the good, hardworking employees of properties owned by the Sultan of Brunei, many of whom we know to be gay.”

“We must send a message, however we can, that such treatment is unacceptable. That’s why David and I have long refused to stay at these hotels and will continue to do so,” John added before giving the list of hotels to boycott.

Clooney defended his boycott in a new op-ed for Deadline. One issue raised by critics is that the boycott would be harmful to hotel staff.

“I share those concerns, but to equate their situation with the fact that this week the 5th richest country in the world would take a young woman who is found to be gay, bury her up to her neck and have 25 men throw stones at her head until she is dead seems unfathomable. This exact argument was used during the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955. And yes a lot of hard working, presumably innocent bus drivers were hurt… but no one would argue that the boycott was for the far greater good,” Clooney writes.

He also addressed people who thought the boycott was aimed at wealthy people.

“These are very expensive hotels, but the bulk of their business isn’t individuals but companies. I’ve been to these hotels when I was doing press events set up by the studios. I don’t know any companies that want to put money in the pocket of a murderer once they know,” Clooney continued.

“It is also true that the Sultan won’t be terribly hurt by a boycott, but the scores of companies he funnels money through will distance themselves. That’s what a boycott does,” he added.

Clooney closed out his argument saying “Let me just paint you a picture: 20 years from now, you or your kids are asked, ‘Is it true that the guy that owned all of these great hotels was stoning gay people to death?’ And you say ‘yes.’ The next question will be, ‘And you still went there?'”

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