May 6, 2019 at 2:28 pm PDT | by Mariah Cooper
André Aciman unveils ‘Call Me By Your Name’ sequel cover art
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Author André Aciman has revealed the book cover art for “Find Me,” the sequel to “Call Me By Your Name.”

According to the book’s publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux, the sequel “shows us Elio’s father Samuel, now divorced, on a trip from Florence to Rome to visit Elio, who has become a gifted classical pianist. A chance encounter on the train leads to a relationship that changes Sami’s life definitively. Elio soon moves to Paris where he too has a consequential affair, while Oliver, now a professor in northern New England with sons who are nearly grown, suddenly finds himself contemplating a return visit to Europe.”

In the film version, Samuel (Michael Stuhlbarg) hinted at having a same-sex attraction in the past telling Elio (Timothée Chalamet) he had “come close” to having a relationship like Elio did with Oliver (Armie Hammer).

Aciman explained the book cover to EW saying, “The colors of the buildings couldn’t have been more intensely Roman or captured the sensual Rome I’ve known and loved so much: ochre, faded orange, and, in the background, a serene blue sky. If you look carefully, the street sign reads ‘Via dei Banchi Vecchi’—a street where Elio and his father order wine in what is my favorite enoteca in the world. My heart belongs in this image.”

“Find Me” will also take place in multiple cities.

“‘Find Me’ does not take place in Rome alone,” Aciman says. “An entire segment takes place in a rainy Paris by night while another is set in New York City late on a protracted Indian summer.”

As for why he decided to revisit the characters of Elio and Oliver, Aciman says the story never left him.

“The world of ‘Call Me by Your Name’ never left me. Though I created the characters and was the author of their lives, what I never expected was that they’d end up teaching me things about intimacy and about love that I didn’t quite think I knew until I’d put them down on paper. The film made me realize that I wanted to be back with them and watch them over the years — which is why I wrote ‘Find Me’,” Aciman told the Hollywood Reporter.

“Find Me” will be released on Oct. 29.

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