August 8, 2019 at 11:15 pm PDT | by Susan Hornik
2019 is a breakthrough year for LGBT, say critics

Ruby Rose stars as “Batwoman,” a queer Superhero, Supershero, Supertheyro. (Photo Facebook)

For the past two weeks, the broadcast, cable and streaming service networks have showcased the producers, show runners and stars of their latest shows for television critics from across the country at the Television Critics Press Tour. And there have been many LGBTQ characters and storylines to get excited about for the fall season.

Australia’s Ruby Rose is starring in the first television series headlined by an out LGBTQ superhero, “Batwoman.”

“We want everyone to watch this, especially young people, who can identify and relate to people they’re watching on the screen and hopefully be empowered by that,” Rose said during a panel for her new CW series.

“When we talked about it and [I saw] how passionate they were, and they were yelling over the top of each other and finishing each other’s sentences. … I was watching this ping-pong match, thinking if they’re that invested in this and it makes them so happy and it’s telling the story, that I wish was on television when I was a kid …I believe there are going to be people that this changes their life,” she told television reporters after her panel onstage.

“I believe there’s some people that won’t find themselves. I mean, I think there’s definitely someone for everyone in the show, but if you don’t find yourself in the show, that’s probably because there’s plenty of shows you already have out there.”

“Batwoman” will be introduced in a December crossover television programming event, between the network’s other DC Comics shows, “Arrow,” “The Flash” and “Supergirl.”

Travis Coles. (Photo Facebook)Travis Coles stars in Michael B. Jordan and Oprah Winfrey’s new series “David Makes Man” as genderqueer ‘Miss Elijah,’ a longtime Homestead Village resident who watches over David when his mother is away. Ms. Elijah knows all the skeletons of Homestead Village and its residents. The show debuted at SXSW to rave reviews and will premiere August 23rd on OWN.

At press tour, Coles talked about the character. “Miss Elijah is gender-nonconforming. So, the pronouns switch back and forth. It’s the idea of not having a label, which I think is important to represent because it’s kind of underrepresented on television. And I think that it’s so interesting that playing this character has helped me, in my own identity, discover what I really want, and who I really want to be.”

Coles remembers the audition process, “I had lipstick, I had makeup and everything on and I was just like I feel so powerful and so comfortable and in my own skin. And I just walked in there—it’s the least amount of resistance in choosing who you are, for some reason, that made it a little bit easier for me to live in this world….And Miss Elijah is powerful in that way, and you have to be who you are authentically in order to gain respect.”

Coles can also be seen as ‘Oliver’ on YouTube’s “Liza On Demand” opposite Liza Koshy, back for season 2 on September 25th and is also a stand up comedian who is part of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade All Stars.

Los Angeles Blade talked to critics about their favorite shows.

Malcolm Venable. (Photo TV Guide)

Malcolm Venable, senior editor, west coast, at,described the nonstop press tour as “fun but exhausting!” He been impressed by standout series like Netflix’s “When They See Us,” HBO’s “Euphoria” and FX’s “Pose.”

“‘When They See Us’ included a story that even those of us who thought we knew the ‘Central Park 5 learned about: Kory Wise’s trans sister, who’d been murdered, played by Isis King,” Venable said. “This was a great and important choice on the part of Ava Duvernay and the writers, who took care in presenting this story with care and heart.”

He continued: “On ‘Euphoria, Hunter Schafer is killing it as Jules, a not-squeaky clean teenager with secrets and relationships made complicated by her own questionable choices. And ‘Pose’ came back stronger than before with lots of humor and important social commentary, including the story of Candy’s death that put a face on a pressing issue.”

As for fall, “Carnival Row” will be one to watch, as bisexual Cara Delevingne explores the fantasy realm, playing a pansexual character, and Ruby Rose fights crime as an out gay woman on “Batwoman,” Venable enthused.

“Pose” and “Vida” have been great in their second seasons, noted writer Abbie Bernstein. “‘The L Word: Generation Q,’ and ‘Batwoman’ look promising.”

Bernstein also really likes The CW’s ‘Katy Keene.” “I am happy to see a respectful portrait of a drag artist onscreen with the character Jorge/Ginger.”

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