August 26, 2019 at 4:19 pm PDT | by Mariah Cooper
Watch: Jazz Jennings tackle transgender bathroom debate on ‘WWYD’

(Screenshot via YouTube)

ABC’s “What Would You Do?,” a hidden camera show that conducts social experiments on unsuspecting strangers, took on the transgender bathroom debate with transgender activist and “I am Jazz” star Jazz Jennings.

In the episode, a mother protests against a transgender woman, played by transgender actress Nadia Hunter, using the women’s bathroom at a restaurant. Jennings watches the scenarios behind the scenes with host John Quiñones.

One restaurant patron escorts the transgender woman to the bathroom.

“I’m a Christian, so, like, I have certain beliefs,” the patron says. “You just got to love people the way you’re supposed to love people.”

“But what message is this to my daughter?” the mother responds.

“Everybody pees?” the patron replies. “And that’s really it. Everybody has to use the bathroom.”

Another patron agrees with the mother saying, “Thank Obama. I think Obama is the one that created that problem.”

In another take, a group of men voice their support for the transgender diner.

“Just seeing you guys stick up for this woman over here was so incredible to me,” Jennings tells the group. “It really just restored my faith in humanity. Because not everyone had the same reaction as you guys. Thank you for accepting and appreciating people for who they are.”

For the last scenario, Jennings joins Hunter at the table.

Watch below.

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