December 14, 2019 at 3:17 pm PST | by Roman Randall
Latino gay Clubs Cobra and Chico celebrate two decades

Transgender performer, Aubrey, wowed the crowd last week at a special midnight performance. (Photos courtesy Jorge Alejandro for Club Chico)

Gay Latino clubs, Club Cobra and Chico recently celebrated their 20th Anniversary event, at Chico, featuring a special show for the packed crowd with special remarks commemorating their two decade existence providing a safe space for LA Gay Latinos.

First established in 1999 as an urban nightlife alternative to the West Hollywood scene, Chico, quickly established itself as a beacon of hope for many Latino youths of East LA at a time when they were not represented and for over two decades has become a driving force of Gay Los Angeles.

An early adapter for progression within the LGBTQ+ community, Chico began hiring within the Transgender community at its inception and overall is made up of an eclectic and diverse team that invites you into their family each and every week. Cobra bartender Aubrey originally started as a performer but enjoyed this “family” so much decided to broaden her role and took on bartending as well as co-creating a Transgender night every Thursday originating a few years ago which has become the longest standing Trans Latino night in Los Angeles.

Taking on additional roles at the Cobra and Chico are not a new thing as many of the staff have started in one place and either added duties to their existing job or moved around to try something else within the establishment and have decided to stay within this chosen family rather than leave to other bars and clubs in Weho.

“Julio (Licon) and I, are proud of our team, most of whom have been with us well over a decade, many are artists & performers who wear many different hats. Together we have created a safe and fun environment dedicated not to just having a good time but creating a positive force in our community”, expressed Marty Sokol who along with business partner and long time friend, Licon, created and owns both clubs.

Clubs Cobra and Chico have helped create a space for the Gay Latino community for the past 20 years. Located in North Hollywood and East LA, respectively, both clubs have proven to be a significant part of the Gay culture within the Hispanic community. Recently the two clubs have added a third platform to reach the community with the launch of its first podcast, The Homo Homie podcast, bringing everyone an inside look at the Gay Latino community on the east side and the magic that keeps it going.

Chico regulars celebrating 20 years of the bar’s safe space in East LA. (Photo courtesy Jorge Alejandro for Club Chico)

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Erick Velasco from the new HomoHomie Podcast and Julio Licon – Co-creator of Chico and Cobra. (Photo Courtesy Jorge Alejandro for Club Chico)

Co-creator, Marty Sokol and Bartender Antony stop to celebrate together and commemorate 20 years serving the Gay Latino community. (Photo Courtesy Jorge Alejandro for Club Chico)

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