December 17, 2019 at 1:21 am PST | by John Paul King
One Million Moms pushes back against Hallmark reversal

Monica Cole, Director of One Million Moms, a front organization for known anti-LGBTQ hate group the American Family Association (Image via YouTube)

One Million Moms doubled down on its homophobic agenda on Monday after the Hallmark Channel’s weekend announcement that it would be reinstating ads it had previously pulled in response to protests from the anti-LGBTQ group.

The ads, which were for wedding planning website Zola, featured a lesbian bridal couple kissing at the altar. They had been taken off the air late last week by Hallmark, after One Million Moms created a petition calling for its removal, but outcry from pro-LGBTQ voices, led by GLAAD, quickly convinced the family-friendly pay network to reconsider their decision, leading to Sunday’s announcement.

In an email blast, One Million Moms Monday morning issued a statement to subscribers of the American Family Association email list. AFA is the anti-LGBTQ organization behind One Million Moms, classified by Southern Poverty Law Center as a known hate group.

The statement reads:

“Family entertainment is not the outlet in which to be politically correct by forcing tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality – a sinful lifestyle that Scripture clearly deems as wrong.

You can read so in Romans 1:18-32. 1MM has been called a hate group when speaking the truth, but the truth is anything but hateful.

The culture war, better yet the war for the soul of man, is definitely heating up. 1MM will keep fighting because souls are at stake. This LGBTQ spirit is the same spirit we read about in the Bible that confronted Lot.

It’s relentless but the good news is we serve the God who is King of kings, Lord of lords, and will not be mocked. Hallmark, Zola, etc. and all that make up those companies will ALL bow to the Lord.

One Million Moms is asking once again for Hallmark to stay true to its family friendly roots that so many families have grown to love, and to keep sex and sexual content – including the promotion of homosexuality – out of its programming.

TAKE ACTION:  Please sign our petition asking Hallmark to do what is right and reject airing movies and commercials with LGBTQ content! Unless Hallmark retreats your family will boycott Hallmark.”

The referenced bible passages refer to homosexual relations as “dishonorable passions” and proclaim that “those who practice such things deserve to die.”

One Million Moms’ latest action comes after GLAAD’s chief communications officer, Rich Ferraro, told Salon late Sunday, “The Hallmark Channel’s decision further delegitimizes One Million Moms, a facade that is actually run by the American Family Association (AFA), which is designated as a hate group… Most brands know to ignore the One Million Moms – or the ‘One Meddling Anti-Gay Mom,’ as we call them. And the Hallmark Channel’s reversal sets a true precedent that this fringe project of the AFA should not to be taken seriously or given any credibility by brands or the media.”

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