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At The Abbey, even the stars were watching “Will & Grace”

Hundreds of people jammed The Abbey on Thursday September 28 for the return of Will & Grace. (Photo by Los Angeles Blade)

Will & Grace creator Max Mutchnick and star Megan Mullally popped into The Abbey Thursday night to surprise hundreds of fans there to watch the hit NBC sitcom’s premiere for the Human Rights Campaign viewing party.

Mullally thanked fans for their support and gave a dance performance while fans took photos. Drag queens dressed as Karen Walker and Rosario were also there to celebrate the return of the beloved sitcom.

A strong critical reception and massive media push helped the show score over 10 million viewers last night, making it NBC’s highest-rated comedy telecast since the Office 2013 series finale. The premiere also outperformed its own eighth-season opener, which aired 12 years ago.

Max Mutchnick and Megan Mullally at The Abbey Food & Bar in West Hollywood. (Photo courtesy Dog and Duck PR)

Jocelyn Peters is “an old queen” from Van Nuys who popped into The Abbey with her 85 year old mother to watch the Will & Grace premiere.  She was “not disappointed” but said “As a trans woman and a person of color, I found it harder to relate to than in the old days.” Her mother, also named  Jocelyn, said “I always adored the show and am glad I don’t have to watch re-runs anymore.”

Marcela Jimenez, from San Jose, Costa Rica, said she loved seeing Megan Mullally.  “The only star I saw in this trip to Los Angeles!  So, of course, I will never forget it.”

But Tammy Spitzer, who lives in Los Angeles summed it up best.  “That was my family years ago.  Tonight was like going home.”

The event was part fundraiser and part nationwide party hosted by Human Rights Campaign.  Hundreds of parties were held around the nation.

Will & Grace airs Thursdays, 9 pm on NBC.  Read the Los Angeles Blade’s review here.