Sex-positivity and freedom in the age of a resurgent meth crisis

Yes, we’re there again

Donna Trujillo

Watch: older gay men try to decipher modern gay slang

The trio learns new terms such as 'Beat for the Gods' and 'Extra'

Mariah Cooper

Niall Horan shares gay dads’ apology note for their new baby’s first flight

The parents made goodie bags for plane passengers

Mariah Cooper

First, Do No Harm Act

New civil rights bill was introduced on Harvey Milk Day

Valerie Ploumpis

Susan Feniger, lesbian celeb chef, tops LA’s food festival scene

Her five stars are simply divine

Susan Hornik

‘Supergirl’ introducing trans character in season four

A casting call is specifically looking for trans actresses

Mariah Cooper

Stoli Vodka releases Harvey Milk Limited Edition bottle

The initiative will raise funds for LGBT programming abroad

Mariah Cooper

ABC cancels ‘The Chew’ after seven seasons

Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, Michael Symon reacted to the news on social media

Mariah Cooper

CDC denies LGBT questions removed from federal health survey

Williams Institute reported agency disclosed it would axe LGBT module

Chris Johnson

Judge declines to dismiss Gavin Grimm lawsuit

Trans teen challenged Va. school district's bathroom policy

Michael K. Lavers