March 23, 2017 at 5:02 pm PDT | by Troy Masters
Welcome to the Los Angeles Blade
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West Hollywood Mayor Lauren Meister presented Los Angeles Blade publisher and editor with a welcome proclamation at the March 20 West Hollywood City Council meeting. In her statement, Meister said, “Thinking about the current political climate when human rights are under attack by our own government, we hope that the Los Angeles Blade will be a strong voice locally, nationally and internationally. We welcome The Blade to the Los Angeles area where I am sure they plan to spend a lot of time covering the City of West Hollywood.” (Photo by Richard Settle for the City of West Hollywood)

We are living in a paradigm shifting moment in real time. You can feel it.  Sometimes it’s overwhelming. Sometimes it’s toxic. Sometimes it’s perplexing, even terrifying. On the other hand, sometimes it’s just downright exhilarating. This moment is a profound opportunity to reexamine our roots and jumpstart our passion for full equality.

In this first issue of the Los Angeles Blade, we report on the headiness of a renewed sense of purpose that was palpable at the March 18 Human Rights Campaign gala in downtown Los Angeles. We revisit the early days of local LGBT activism and on Christopher Street West, an organization that has appeared to stumble in recent years, and which is poised to bounce back by betting on a return to our activist roots. We hear from famed lesbian performance artist, Holly Hughes, about the lessons she learned fighting demagoguery around the embattled NEA and the need to recommit to purpose in our own defense. In fact, the very paper you are now reading is an acknowledgement of the need for rejuvenation in news for our local movement.

We feel the Los Angeles Blade is a gift to the Los Angeles LGBT community. It brings together my nearly 30 years of award-winning work in the LGBT press, both in New York City and in Los Angeles; Karen Ocamb’s insightful acumen resulting from an award-winning career of reporting on LGBT and AIDS issues over a 30-year period in California; and the highly regarded, national reputation of the Washington Blade, a nearly 50-year old LGBT newspaper and online site that serves our nation’s capital.

The Los Angeles Blade, headquartered in perhaps one of the most expressive arts and entertainment capitals of the world, will also strive to bring you features and news coverage of LA County’s LGBT+ community you might not find anywhere else.

We are committed to providing the best possible coverage in all its richness and its many aspects. We are committed to seeking the facts and also fair analysis.

The Los Angeles Blade and its sister paper, the Washington Blade, are uniquely positioned to bring you national and international politics and news. The Blade is also a member of the White House Correspondents’ Association, the only LGBT media operation so credentialed.

This is a rare combination of promise for any LGBT journalistic enterprise. As proud members of the Los Angeles LGBT community, we are excited to serve you.

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