July 13, 2017 at 11:58 am PST | by Mariah Cooper
Charlize Theron admits she ‘just loved’ playing a bisexual character
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(Screenshot via YouTube.)

Charlize Theron was more than happy to play bisexual spy Lorraine Broughton in the new film, “Atomic Blonde.”

Speaking with Variety, Theron says she was glad to see the bisexual community represented on the big screen.

“I just loved it,” Theron says. “For so many reasons: My frustration of how that community is represented in cinema, or lack thereof. And also, it made perfect sense. It just suited her.”

During the film, Theron turns down advances from a male character (played by James McAvoy) and instead has a steamy hook up with a fellow female spy (played by Sofia Boutella).

“It just felt there was a way through that relationship and the fact that it was a same-sex relationship,” Theron says, “to show a woman not having to fall in love, which is one of those female tropes: ‘It’s a woman; she better fall in love — otherwise, she’s a whore.’”

“James Bond doesn’t have such hot you-know-what,” she continued. “I loved that we didn’t hide under the sheets.”

“Atomic Blonde” hits theaters on July 28.

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