August 7, 2017 at 12:17 pm PDT | by Mariah Cooper
Jill Soloway calls ‘SNL’ ‘It’s Pat’ sketch ‘awful piece of anti-trans propoganda’
Jill Soloway, gay news, Washington Blade

(Screenshot via YouTube.)

“Transparent” creator Jill Soloway thinks the popular ’90s “Saturday Night Live” sketch, “It’s Pat,” was harmful to the transgender community, The Wrap reports.

The reoccurring sketch revolved around the androgynous character, Pat, played by Julia Sweeney. The punch line was that the other characters can’t figure out if Pat is male or female. The sketch was developed into a feature-length film in 1994.

While speaking on a panel on transgender representation on TV during the Television Critics Association press tour, Soloway mentioned the sketch in response to the question, “In the representation throughout history, do you recall the first time you saw yourself represented in a way that just broke your heart?”

Soloway, who identifies as non-binary, called the sketch, a “hateful, hateful, awful thing to do to non-binary people — to create this character that the whole world laughed at openly.”

“We didn’t understand that at the time, but looking back at that, what an awful piece of anti-trans propaganda that was handed out for many, many years,” Soloway went on. “So, that’s one that I look back at with a lot of sadness, that that was part of our culture.”

Soloway also serves as executive producer for the Amazon comedy series, “I Love Dick.”

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