April 17, 2018 at 3:53 pm PDT | by Billy Masters
Kathy Griffin gets candid, Ronan Farrow comes out and more

Gus Kenworthy was Honorary Grand Marshal at South Beach Pride in Miami and gave the crowd quite a treat as he body surfed thousands of randy admirers. (Photo Kenworthy’s Instagram)

“I would let them both die.” — Kathy Griffin answers Howard Stern’s question, “If you had to save Anderson Cooper’s life, or Andy Cohen’s life, who do you choose at this point?” When pressed to choose one, she saved the Silver Fox. PHEW. Of Cohen, she said, “I hate him. I loathe him. I think he is a talentless piece of shit.” That pretty much says it all.

In some cities, nude photos of a political candidate would be career suicide. But some cities ain’t West Hollywood. A candidate for WeHo City Council confirmed that the photos of him in flagrante delicto and performing various sexual acts are real, in order to – wait for it – “run an absolutely transparent campaign.” I’m all for transparency, but this is ridiculous! The candidate in question is Eric Jon Schmidt and doesn’t that sound like the name of somebody you’d wanna see naked? He has a profile on DudesNude which includes 23 photos, described by one outlet as “some solo and some featuring Schmidt with other men.”

And in case that wasn’t enough (and when is it ever?), the profile also includes six videos of Schmidt having sex. I dunno about you, but I think a good sex video could really swing the election — in West Hollywood.

But don’t give Schmidt all the credit – he didn’t release the photos purposely. A “reporter” (and these days, we use that term awfully loosely) contacted him and said, “I know about the DudesNude profile and I’m gonna run a story about it.” Schmidt’s response? “I’m not ashamed of it, so I wasn’t going to lie about it.” All so civilized. I think everyone will say it’s no big deal, but let’s see what happens on Election Day. I should mention that Schmidt happens to have a special skill – he can “self suck.” I would think that could sway some WeHo voters! For the rest of you, check him out on BillyMasters.com.

Last week, the Point Foundation held a gala in NYC. In case you don’t know, this organization provides scholarships to members of the LGBTQ community – often after they have been ostracized by their families. This gala not only celebrated Point scholars and alumni, but also recognized leaders in the LGBTQ community. The person who got the most attention was Ronan Farrow, who apparently came out. Did I miss something? Hasn’t he been out for years? We may not know who his real father is, but we surely know he sucks dick! As far as I’m concerned, this was a non-story. But, eh, people who don’t read

BillyMasters.com probably thought it was news.

My dear friend Jenifer Lewis is continuing her tour of the country in order to promote her book, “The Mother of Black Hollywood.” While I was in NYC, she was in Baltimore. And since she was in the neighborhood, she zipped to our nation’s capital to catch Patti LaBelle in concert. Of course, Patti had to bring Jenifer onstage, who had to be coaxed into joining LaBelle for “Lady Marmalade.” You can catch the video on BillyMasters.com.

Then Jenifer and I rendezvoused in Fort Lauderdale, where I joined her at several of her events. In addition to meeting with hundreds of fans who came out to see her, buy a book, and take a photo, she put a day aside to meet with the students from Parkland and Liberty City to discuss what they had been through. More than anything else, Lewis listened as they shared their stories of survival. It was an emotional and cathartic meeting.


The week before, Gus Kenworthy was in the area as the Honorary Grand Marshal for South Beach Pride. And he wasn’t alone – he was joined by beau Matthew Wilkas. We’re told that some of the revelers were a bit “handsie” with the snowboarder, but I don’t think he minded. “Stoked to check ‘Crowd Surf’ off my bucket list, today!”

I’m seriously thinking of organizing a boycott of “Dancing With the Stars.” I suppose I really can’t boycott it – nothing is going to stop me from watching Tonya Harding chugging across a dance floor. But, I really am pissed off. I know I keep harping on it, but Greg Louganis – one of the most decorated and awe-inspiring athletes of all time – has been begging to be on the show for years. Crickets. Is it ageism? Homophobia?

Who knows? But when this “Dancing With the Stars: Athletes” edition was announced, it seemed a perfect fit. Who is a more accomplished athlete in history than Greg Louganis? But once again, he was not even considered.

Dustin Lance Black is facing a case against him for shoplifting. My God, he wasn’t content being Roman Polanski, he now has to become Bess Myerson! Allegedly, DLB was shopping at Woolworths in Australia – let that little tidbit sink in. A gay man. An Oscar winner. Shopping in a Woolworths. Now THAT’S a crime!

While he was browsing, he was being shadowed by store security. “OMG! Was just stopped and accused of shoplifting @woolworths in the Gold Coast! Then out of countless folks with bags a search was demanded of mine. Thanks for the warm welcome to #AUSTRALIA @woolworths! Respect customers’ privacy much?


Well, until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.

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