February 7, 2019 at 3:47 pm PST | by Staff reports
New organization IDP Success launches to support marginalized communities

Phill Wilson, founder, former CEO of Black AIDS Institute; Jewel Thais-Williams, founder of Jewel’s Catch One Disco and The Village Health Foundation; Ivan Daniel, founder of IDPSuccess; Keith Boykin, best-selling author and CNN contributor (Photo by Jerry Morris, Jerry Morris Photography)

Braving pound rain and the call of Super Bowl Sunday, scores of Black LGBT leaders and community members gathered at the historic Catch One Disco for brunch and to kick off Black History Month with the launch of Ivan Daniel’s new IDP Success, a new organization to provide independent development programs for Los Angeles’ marginalized communities.

“We think differently. We act differently. We connect differently,” Daniel told the Los Angeles Blade. “IDPSUCCESS’ mission is to improve the lives of disenfranchised people of color” by providing transformative social model programs and resources for disenfranchised people of color.

The goal is to “impart health education, living skills, knowledge, and sexual health resources.” The kick-off was a “culturally sensitive creative event” entitled “OUR VOICES I AM MORE THAN” to introduce all people—but especially people of African descent—to feelings of affirmation, value, worth that is inclusive of all sexual identities. “We know that when people feel better about themselves they will make better quality of life decisions,” said Daniel.

“Every generation has its own set of human rights and civil rights opportunities and challenges. The ‘rights’ have to be renewed and addressed with every generation,” he said. “We asked everyone in attendance: ‘What kind of ancestor would you like to be remembered as?’ We intentionally set out to inspire action to unite, to self-care and to self-develop to improve quality of life for ALL people of African Descent. And we achieved every goal and outcome. Attendees were inspired, educated, networked, and attendees expressed an authentic sense of connection, support, and more willingness to individually and collectively heal.” (Visit www.IDPSUCCESS.com for more info)

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