April 10, 2019 at 1:41 pm PDT | by Mariah Cooper
‘The Lion King’ trailer gives first look at Timon and Pumbaa

Timon (voiced by Seth Rogen) and Pumbaa (voiced by Billy Eichner) in ‘The Lion King.’ (Screenshot via YouTube)

The first official trailer for Disney’s remake of “The Lion King” gave the first look at iconic best friends Timon (Seth Rogen) and Pumbaa (Billy Eichner).

The trailer showcases the studio’s reimagining of the 1994 cartoon into a CGI world that gives the jungle and the animals a more realistic look.

“Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. While others search for what they can take, a true king searches for what he can give,” Mufasa (voiced by James Earl Jones) tells Simba (voiced by Donald Glover). “You must take your place in the Circle of Life.”

Jones also voiced Mufasa in the original film. The trailer gives a glimpse at Mufasa’s impending murder, by the hand of his evil brother Scar (voiced by Chiwetel Ejiofor), and a look at Simba’s love interest Nala (voiced by Beyoncé ). At the end of the trailer, the famous warthog and meerkat Timon and Pumbaa are seen galavanting through the jungle singing the Disney classic “Hakuna Matata.”

“The Lion King” hits theaters on July 19.

Watch below.

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