May 3, 2019 at 6:51 am PDT | by Billy Masters
Aaron resurfaces, Jussie in limbo

Aaron Schock (center) couldn’t keep his hands to himself at Coachella. This photo and others have caused a Twitter backlash for the disgraced former GOP Illinois congressman. (Photo via Twitter)

“Jussie Smollett. Two months ago, the ‘Empire’ actor was attacked by two Trump supporters who turned out to be Nigerian weightlifters. But then, Jussie was arrested for working with them to fake a hate crime. But then, the charges were dropped for no reason. And then, Jussie said the brothers really did attack him, but they were in whiteface. And now, the story’s starting to get weird. … I don’t know who’s writing ‘The Jussie Smollett Story’, but they deserve a raise.” — Trevor Noah 

Last week, I told you all about disgraced former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock’s same-sex lip-lock at Coachella (video can be found on Along with the clip of him rummaging around in his dance partner’s shorts, there was also a photo of him with a group of hot shirtless men. We told you that two of the guys were a notable West Hollywood personal trainer and his boyfriend.  

All I knew about the other couple was that they were wearing fanny packs. They’ve now identified themselves as Will Rossi and Rob Massi, who use hashtags #gayboyfriends and #fitcouple. Well, they’re shocked that they’ve been dragged into this scandal.  

“Will and I wanted to take a photo with our friends at Coachella, to celebrate our last day there,” they said later. “Being polite, we allowed Aaron, who was basically a stranger to us and someone we just met, to include himself in our photo.” 

 Of course, this isn’t some gigantic group photo. It’s a photo of five hot shirtless guys. And Schock, “basically a stranger,” is in the center. When I take photos with a small gathering of friends, I rarely invite strangers to get in the center. Well, there was that one time in Chicago, and he didn’t stay a stranger for long.  

“We would not have allowed Aaron to join the photo, nor would we have associated with him if we had more knowledge of his beliefs and past actions. For our own political ignorance, we are deeply sorry.”  

From this part, it sounds like they barely knew the hot shirtless guy’s name at the time. Not that I’m blaming them — it seems perfectly reasonable to moi. They sum up by saying, “We hope Aaron does decide to come out publicly and live the gay life he so freely enjoyed at Coachella.” Sounds like they may know more than they’re saying.

 I was wondering how long we’d have to wait for a gay angle on the Wendy Williams divorce story. And now, one guy, R&B singer Aveon Falstar, says he was Mr. Wendy Williams’ boy toy. In an interview (which you can watch on our website), Falstar claims that he had sex with Kevin Hunter on several occasions while signed to Hunter’s management company.  

He claims that it started when he was staying at Hunter’s New Jersey townhouse. He was on the bed asleep and naked. Hunter came in and without provocation performed oral sex on him. And apparently this was not an isolated encounter. According to Aveon, they were naked in a sauna making out and performing oral sex on each other. And then, according to Aveon, “We did each other in the butt.” I should mention that Falstar is now married to a woman. Of course, at the time of the incident, so was Hunter. By the by, Aveon was also born intersex, but we can only handle one story at a time.

 Elsewhere in Jersey, Whitney Houston’s longtime “friend” Robyn Crawford is writing a tell-all. Up until now, Robyn has said precious little about her relationship with Nippy. “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston” sure sounds like it could change that. The press release says, “With warmth, candor and an impressive recall of detail, Robyn gives readers insight into Whitney’s life and career. From countless sold-out world tours to her epic rendition of the U.S. national anthem to the set of ‘The Bodyguard,’ her tempestuous marriage, and the birth of her only child, Robyn was there.” That’s a good place to start, but will she deliver? The book drops in November. 

 On to Jussie Smollett. Since I know you’re not watching “Empire” anymore, I can tell you that his character got married last week. For these last two episodes of the season, he’ll be on his honeymoon. While no official decision has been made about whether the show or Jussie will be back next season, his co-stars have banded together and issued a statement asking that Smollett be rehired.  

“We understand the past months have been difficult to process — sometimes the headlines brought more confusion than clarity, yet we now have a conclusion to this ordeal.” The letter continues: “Throughout ‘Empire’s’ five seasons working with Jussie and watching how he has conducted himself throughout this traumatic event, we have come to know not just the character Jussie portrays, but also truly come to know Jussie’s personal character.  He is kind. He is compassionate. He is honest and above all he is filled with integrity.”  

I dunno about all THAT! The letter also says, “He is also innocent and no longer subject to legal uncertainty with the criminal charges against him having been dropped. We are confident in his lawyer’s assurance that the case was dismissed because it would not have prevailed.”


We started this column with a Noah, and now our “Ask Billy” question is about another. Gary in Florida says, “What do you know about Noah Centineo? I hear he’s got some nude videos out there. Please find them.”


First I had to figure out who Noah Centineo is. Apparently he was on the last three seasons of “The Fosters.”  He’s also modeled for Calvin Klein undies and is currently in the Netflix release “The Perfect Date,” which was originally developed as a Zac Efron project about 10 years ago. As to the racy video, turns out there are two different clips of Noah pleasuring himself, which seems to me to be some of his best work, but I’m no expert. It’s certainly an extensive piece of work, as you’ll see on


 If you’ve got a question, drop a note to me at and I promise to get back to you before I find any other videos to schock you. To my fellow Albanians, “Krishti u ngjall.” To the Greeks, “Christos anesti.” And to everyone else, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.

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