September 5, 2019 at 11:48 pm PDT | by Mark Gonzales
California Democrats are ready for 2020

Mark Gonzalez is chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party. (Photo courtesy LACDP)

Recently, we celebrated the rolling blue waves still crashing into Orange County well past the 2018 Mid-Term Elections. Flipping long-held Republican congressional seats in 2018 was one thing—but overtaking Republicans in voter registration in Orange County is the kind of momentum that Democrats need as we go into 2020.

As of now, we are less than 200 days away from the California primary on March 3, Super Tuesday, and Democratic voters are ready to take on the unhinged, xenophobic, misogynistic, narcissistic, demagogue running our country into the ground.

While all the attention is on the White House, it would be a great disservice to ignore the local races that will play out in Los Angeles County and across the state. 2020 will be the first year that all municipal contests will be on the ballot—down ballot voting will be crucial to all Democrats running for office.

The March Primary and the November General Election will be different than the Special Elections we saw this year. Our Democratic base of voters are excited to get to the polls. Orange County was only the beginning—for the first time San Bernardino and Riverside are within the margin of taking more pro-equality seats. Our local Democratic Party activists have their shoes ready to hit the campaign trail and knock on doors, whether it is here locally or in neighboring states like Arizona and Nevada.

We will stand by and coalesce around whoever we select as our Democratic Party presidential nominee, making sure to get voters out to the polls. The most vulnerable in our society will suffer if we stand idly by and do nothing. 

Our Democratic Party message is not one of fear but of raising the bar and reigniting hope for a better future where our nation does not turn its back on the helpless. This White House and administration have fomented the ugliest, nastiest rhetoric against everyday citizens and those who are reaching our shores for a better life away from violence and disaster. And with Donald Trump’s crony candidates running for office at every level of government, Democrats must take this election with extreme seriousness, for defeat will drive our country over the edge of civility.

As Democrats, we are dedicated to empowering working families here in our state and protecting our communities from Donald Trump, his administration and the GOP’s assault on our neighbors, our civil liberties, and our values. This past month has been defined by Trump’s continued reckless tweets that compromise the safety of our brave men and women in the military, finding petty excuses to avoid representing this nation in the G7 meeting and the harm he is callously inflicting on hundreds of thousands of families held hostage over his racist wall, and more. We will fight to regain the greatness and compassion of the America we know and love and reject the America that isolates itself by building walls or creating trade wars that harm the bottom line of everyday Americans.

We do not compromise when transgender men and women can no longer serve our great country.  We do not compromise when a woman’s right to reproductive choice is being decimated. And we do not compromise when voters are disenfranchised. We will unite behind our Democratic candidates who address the serious challenges that face our nation, finding real solutions to deadly gun violence threats to our students in schools, making higher education more affordable, and providing access to health care for all.

We are taking a page from our sisters and brothers in the labor movement. From the teachers’ unions, to the healthcare workers, grocery store workers and longshoremen—they are all re-energized, igniting a growing movement in Los Angeles, California and across the nation. Labor unions are in the fight of a lifetime for their rights and the future of working people in this country. Their momentum and their energy in the lead up to the 2020 elections will help us reengage with voters and remind them of the great promise of the American Dream.

Democrats must unite in the fight to maintain the two-thirds super-majority in the California Legislature and continue to grow the size of our Congressional delegation to maintain leadership in the House. And we must elect a Democratic President.

Though we have come a long way, we must commit to electing leaders who will challenge the injustices that continue to keep so many of us down. The members of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party remain united and dedicated to electing good forward-thinking Democrats who will fight for justice and equality for all.

We won big in 2018. But we must—and we can—win bigger in 2020 if we commit to building toward victory!

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