November 30, 2019 at 9:18 am PST | by John Paul King
Remembering those we lost: Day 5

Remembering Jeff Lysaght (Image via The AIDS Memorial)

This week, the Blade commemorates this Sunday’s World AIDS Day by highlighting stories of individual Los Angeleans who have fallen in the battle against HIV.

These daily tributes serve to remind us of all who have been lost to the disease. They are drawn from the archives of The AIDS Memorial, a non-profit organization that operates popular pages on several social media platforms, in the spirit of their motto, “What is remembered, lives.”

“‘My uncle Jeff Lysaght died of AIDS in Los Angeles in 1993. He was only 39. He was an amazing, fun, bright man who lived life to the fullest and a joy to be around. We knew little about AIDS back then. There was great stigma, shame and ignorance surrounding the disease. Not sure how far we’ve come since then. And yes, that’s @StevieNicks in the photograph, my uncle’s employer and friend’ — by Mellisa Trammell”


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