December 12, 2019 at 1:26 am PST | by John Paul King
‘Schitt’s Creek’ drops trailer for farewell season

Image courtesy CBC/Pop TV

Fans of “Schitt’s Creek” have a reason to rejoice this week – the popular Canadian sitcom has released the trailer for its sixth season.

The show, which airs on CBC in Canada and on Pop TV in the US, has accumulated a lot of love over its five-season run. Centering on the wealthy Rose family – Johnny and Moira, with their adult children, David and Alexis – who lose their fortune to an embezzling business manager and end up living at a motel in a tiny rural town. Veteran comedic performers and former SCTV cast-mates Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara portray the two elder Roses, while their offspring are played by Dan Levy (Eugene’s real-life son, who co-created the show with his father) and Annie Murphy. Dan’s sister Sarah Levy also appears (as town waitress Twyla), as do Emily Hampshire as snarky motel manager Stevie, and Chris Elliott and Jenn Robertson as town mayor Roland Schitt and his wife, Jocelyn.

Though initially getting most of its laughs from its “fish-out-of-water” scenario as the newly-poor jet-setters tried to acclimate to their un-glamorous new surroundings, the show has evolved over the course of its run as the characters have developed. It has garnered praise for its writing and performances, and has been lauded by critics, fans, and cultural observers for its embrace and positive treatment of LGBTQ characters – David, who was revealed in the first season to be pansexual (the first pansexual regular character on TV), and business partner Patrick (Noah Reid), with whom David becomes romantically involved. The couple ended season five by becoming engaged.

One of the reasons this same-sex love story feels both fresh and significant is the lack of resistance it has met within the world of the show. According to co-creator Dan Levy, who also plays David, “Schitt’s Creek” made a deliberate choice not to have any storylines about homophobia.

“I have no patience for homophobia,” he said in a 2018 interview with Vulture. “As a result, it’s been amazing to take that into the show. We show love and tolerance. If you put something like that out of the equation, you’re saying that doesn’t exist and shouldn’t exist.”

With the probable wedding of David and Patrick on the horizon, along with unresolved storylines involving the potential revival of mother Moira’s career as a D-list actress and the future of sister Alexis’ romance with hunky town veterinarian Ted (Dustin Milligan), there’s no doubt that the sixth and final season of this quirky, binge-tastic show will have plenty of laughs in store for its many fans – and probably a few bittersweet tears, too, as they say goodbye to the oddball characters they’ve grown to love.

The season debuts on January 7. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer below.

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