January 29, 2020 at 11:25 pm PST | by John Paul King
Superfine! Art Fair returns to LA for second year

Image courtesy Superfine!

Aspiring art collectors take note – the Superfine! Art Fair, which made a spectacular LA debut last year, is returning to DTLA next week, offering a chance to peruse the works of over 60 top Angeleno artists and their global counterparts, in a welcoming environment where the focus is diversity.

Created by partners James Miile and Alex Mitow in 2015, Superfine! was launched as part of Miami Art week five years ago, after the pair had grown frustrated by their experiences in the world of traditional art sales.

Mitow, who spoke to the Blade last year, explained, “James is a photographer. He was navigating the art world as an emerging artist, and I was sort of an outsider who had been around art for a long time but was never really in it from a business perspective, and I started to see what was going on.  The market wasn’t really accessible to the people who could be buying art.”

The couple’s solution was to devise a better way for regular people who are excited about art to connect directly with artists, in a welcoming environment where their work can be made available at an affordable price tag. They made it their mission to “empower collectors at all stages of their journey” and provide “the ability to take home work that they love, within their budget,” as well as to bring “joy and excitement into the art of collecting art.”

Superfine! was the result: a brisk, fun sales atmosphere for exhibitors and collectors to come together, which evolved as Miille and Mitow built a team of driven arts professionals to make the magic happen year-round. In addition to Los Angeles, the fair now has editions in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and more.


A work by Scott Froschauer, one of the artists on display at Superfine! LA (Image courtesy Superfine!)

One of the keys to the Superfine! approach is diversity. As Mitow told us, “There’s a lot of discrimination in the art world – about who is an art collector. We’re about redefining the profile of who loves art and wants to put it in their homes.”

In order to challenge the assumptions about who buys art, the Superfine! shows strive to create an inclusive exhibitor base, cultivating relationships with what Miltow calls “an outsized proportion of female artists, LGBTQ artists, and artists of color.”

“We create programming that’s geared toward the audiences that we serve,” Mitow says.

This year’s Superfine! Art Fair, which happens at The Reef in DTLA, promises an exciting lineup of work by prominent artists, where art lovers can come face to face with the artists themselves as they shop for that one perfect piece that will complete (or begin) their collection – or as they simply browse and admire.

Some highlights include:

  • An immersive installation of signature works by iconic LA artist Scott Froschauer, whose mirror-reflective street signs make for irresistible selfies.
  • The first west coast presentation of Mexican artist Cuevawolf’s “Viva La Loteria MX,” an installation offering a new perspective on the famous game of the Mexican lotería while conveying the artist’s vision of a contemporary Mexico.
  • A 20-foot-long interactive mural by artist Rob Anderson, from Queens, NYC.


A work by Cuevawolf, one of the artists on display at Superfine! LA (Image courtesy Superfine!)

In addition, 75% of the art at this year’s LA event will be by female artists. Bespoke cocktails will be available from LA’s only lesbian bar, The Fingerjoint, with a portion of the proceeds going to local non-profit, Women’s Center for Creative Work.

The Second Annual Superfine! LA is happening from February 6-9 at the Reef in DTLA. For more information and for ticket packages, check out the Superfine! wesbsite.


A work by Rob Anderson, one of the artists on display at Superfine! LA (Image courtesy Superfine!)

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