June 1, 2020 at 12:48 pm PDT | by Troy Masters
Earlier curfews set in LA County, including West Hollywood

As cities across the nation reel from the juxtaposition of events related to the brutal murder by cop of George Floyd and an escalating global pandemic, more stay at home curfew orders have been issued throughout Los Angeles as a 4th night of civil unrest is anticipated.

At 4;00 PM a curfew goes into effect in West Hollywood. It will be enforced; if you are on the streets you risk arrest and a fine.

Beverly Hills and Santa Monica also issued curfews that became effective at 1:00.  Los Angeles. city-wide order begins at 6:00 PM.

Many protests that had been announced were “cancelled.”

The moves follow 3 days of widespread protests that spiraled out of control, destroying much of the Fairfax and Melrose district, Downtown Los Angeles, Rodeo Drive, 3rd Street district and Long Beach.  Protests also turn violent in many areas of Orange County.

Across the nation more than 140 cities saw protests. Many of those also turned violent, though many were also notably peaceful.

Curfews have been implemented across the county.

Donald Trump for now is in the White House, not his bunker.

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