June 12, 2020 at 3:33 pm PDT | by Susan Hornik
DVRKO shows you how to like it

DVRKO. (Photo by Kavan The Kid)

The remix album for “This Is How,” the debut single from the mysterious artist known as DVRKO featuring Sarah De Warren, is out now. After an initial launch shrouded in secrecy, the Main Mix of “This Is How” has been streamed on Spotify over 350,000 times within two weeks of its release last month; the single was also quickly added to the popular ‘Friday Cratediggers’ Spotify playlist.

The combined Spotify monthly listeners of “This Is How” remixers has clocked in at over 2.4 million.

At radio, the Gozzi Radio Edit and Gozzi Remix of the song is already airing on “The Remix Top30 Countdown” (iHeartRadio) nationally syndicated mixshow, “Club985” mixshow on KLUC-FM Radio Las Vegas (Entercom), and Dash Radio’s ElectroCity. Other remixes from Jayceeoh and Tony Arzadon are now available in the remix album and are making waves in a variety of national radio markets from Miami to Seattle with more radio stations being added each week.

Having been profiled in early interviews published in Billboard and DJ Times – with more editorial coverage and interviews to come in the weeks ahead – and following a fun-filled Memorial Day takeover of EDM.COM’s Instagram account where DVRKO played all remixes of “This Is How,” the full remix album is now available.

Remixes of DVRKO x Sarah De Warren’s “This Is How” include works by: ATLAST, BIJOU, Dark Intensity, dialedIN, Freshcobar, Gozzi, JAYCEEOH, Sak Noel, Sam Silver and Tony Arzadon.

DVRKO. (Photo by Kavan The Kid)

Los Angeles Blade talked to the artist about his career:

Los Angeles Blade: Who is DVRKO?

Who? The traps don’t work. Yeah we still have that owl problem at the studio. DVKRO however a mask and a man panhandling top lines down by the docks. A backstory, love, tragedy, music. Worlds together in a future where it’s needed more. Sound and compression, maybe a production chain with a Talkboy in it for no reason. Ask Macaulay. Inclusive and passionate, ethnicity, sexual orientation or identity, want everyone to move with what I can make. It’s EDM, it’s dance, be ready. I will bring pancakes.

Los Angeles Blade: Can you please tell us about your music, specifically “This Is How” and your upcoming song, “Lights Up”? What went into writing those two songs?

This is How. A story of tattered hope, love, laser dragons maybe, and how it all gets shredded together and fuses. Enough of it and it’s the only thing we return to, it might have been the weapon, but it’s the cure.

Lights Up. A world polarized so many times. It’s 2020. A bell tolled. The first taught us how vulnerable the world was. Another bell tolled and brought to those deaf to the world more cause that needed reform. The world needs hope, and it’s time. Lights Up is a story of redemption. Swab your ears with it.

Los Angeles Blade: What’s next, for DVRKO?

Growth, more music, more of the story. More of who I am. Most importantly so much more music. Never a set format, never stale. Some releases only on laserdisc. It would upend itself if not beautiful but it is. Be ready.

Los Angeles Blade: Give your thoughts on the news about Black Lives Matters, trans and gay rights advances in the news.

DVKRO. Neon waterfalls of pulsing bass. A future from the past and a story. It’s EDM and it’s DVKRO. Inclusive entirely, bring ears of every kind and swab them with my iterations of sound until you move. Repeat and be part of the resistance. The world realized it was weak in the tone of a bell heard globally. Another bell tolled and brought tone to ears deaf. Music for movement, equality inherent, join me in the journey.

SONANCE. The movement is for the unit of humanity, it’s what music should do. Gender, ethnicity, identity of any sort, a point of embrace. Definitely a laser dragon at some point. Deep pulsing movement that shakes your soul, remit cognition and feel the connect.

FUEL. A light flame burns in the distance, seeking fuel, hoping the world will find it. The world is ready. Fuel me up. Bring your tokens. I will poorly make egg salad sandwiches.

HOPE. As the world departs a monochrome desert, color it will find painted in aural beauty. Let’s all break the dial off before the world tries to change the station again. Bring two chairs, I like to put my feet up.

DVRKO. (Photo by Kavan The Kid)

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