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LGBTQ+ celebrities stand Out at New York’s Met Gala

The LGBTQ stars stood out with outfits that amplified the Met Gala event’s theme of “American Independence”



Soccer player Megan Rapinoe wore a vibrant red suit and a dark blue blouse with silver stars. REUTERS/MARIO ANZUONI

By Tat Bellamy-Walker | NEW YORK – Several queer celebrities made iconic fashion statements at the 2021 Met Gala in New York City on September 13.

Music star Lil Nas X, actor Elliot Page, actress, writer, director Janet Mock, and non-binary performer and model Indya Moore were among the top out LGBTQ stars to attend the Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. At the star-studded event — which usually runs in May, but was pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic — LGBTQ stars stood out with outfits that amplified the event’s theme of “American Independence,” which celebrates freedom, social justice, and other core values of American life.

Just 24 hours after Lil Nas X snagged Video Of The Year at the 2021 MTV Music Video Awards, he donned three outfits at the gala: a gold Versace cape, a gold armor suit, and a skin-tight jumpsuit.

Out gay music star Lil Nas X made a statement with three Versace outfits. REUTERS/MARIO ANZUONI

In another photo, the “Montero” rapper is standing gleefully next to out gay City Council Speaker Corey Johnson. Johnson appeared at the gala with a black and white tuxedo with a bowtie.

The stars from the Emmy-nominated FX series “Pose” stood out with multiple designer pieces. “Pose” actress and singer MJ Rodriguez garnered attention with red lipstick, a white blouse, and a black corset, while cast member Indya Moore wore a classic Saint Laurent outfit, according to Vogue. Mock, the executive producer of the groundbreaking series, strutted the red carpet with a baby blue sequin Valentino dress and cape.

The show-stopping looks continued with transgender actor Elliot Page, who came out last year as a transgender man and non-binary. Page wore a black Balenciaga suit with a green rose pinned to his chest.

Elliot Page arrives at the Met Gala with a tuxedo and a green rose pinned to his chest. REUTERS/MARIO ANZUON

Trans YouTube star NikkieTutorials honored transgender activist Marsha P. Johnson with a light blue dress and wore her iconic flower crown.

“I knew I wanted to pay homage to a trans icon who was at the forefront of the Stonewall Riots… Marsha P. Johnson paved the way for so many of us, and I hope I made my community proud,” the beauty guru tweeted.  

Transgender Youtube star NikkieTutorials celebrates LGBTQ icon, Marsha P. Johnson. REUTERS/MARIO ANZUONI

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” season 13 winner Symone stole the spotlight with her Moschino gown with gold chains, while out lesbian soccer player Megan Rapinoe resembled the American Flag with a vibrant red suit and a dark blue blouse with silver stars.

Other A-list LGBTQ stars at the gala included singer and dancer Teyana Taylor, music artist Frank Ocean, out queer actress Jordan Alexander of Gossip Girl, Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy, and out non-binary actor Amandla Stenberg of “Dear Evan Hansen,” a coming-of-age film that is slated for release in late September.

Frank Ocean carries green baby doll. REUTERS/MARIO ANZUONI


Tat Bellamy – Walker is the digital editor for the Gay City News

The preceding article was previously published by Gay City News and is republished by permission.

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Celebrity News

British Olympian Tom Daley knits his way to success with a new enterprise

A journey for me that started when I first picked up my knitting needles- fast forward 18 months & I’m so proud to introduce these kits



Photo courtesy of madewithlovebytomdaley Instagram

LONDON – During the entire course of the Olympic games in Tokyo 2020 this past summer, audiences following the diving competitions were certain to see British Olympian Tom Daley quietly and intently focused in-between matches- on his knitting.

The Gold medalist diving champion only picked up his first set of knitting needles in March of 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic first spread across the globe, strangling normal daily routines in its deadly grip.

Now, the 27-year-old British athlete has launched a company to encourage others to take up the hobby.

Photo courtesy of madewithlovebytomdaley Instagram

“It’s been a journey for me that started when I first picked up my knitting needles in March 2020. Fast forward 18 months and I’m so proud to introduce these kits to you all so that you can experience the joy I found learning to knit,” Daley said on his newly launched website.

“I designed these knit kits to help encourage you to pick up those needles, learn the basics, and fall in love with knitting at the same time – all whilst creating something to show off or pass on.

Ready? Pick up your needles, learn the basics and let’s have some fun!”


The website offers various kits for beginners, intermediate and experienced knitting and crocheting enthusiasts. One of the kits, a winter warmer hat already sold out but the collection ncludes a vest, scarves, cardigans, jumpers, stockings, and a blanket.

Kits include needles, biodegradable yarn made of Merino wool, and knitting patterns. 

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Eddie Redmayne; accepting trans role in ‘The Danish Girl’ was a mistake

Redmayne, a cisgender man, and the film received criticism from those who believe the role should have been given to a trans actor



Eddie Redmayne, The Danish Girl (2015) | CineMuseFilms (Courtesy of Focus Features)

LONDON – British actor Eddie Redmayne regrets playing a trans woman in “The Danish Girl,” saying that accepting the role was a “mistake.” 

Redmayne received an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Danish painter Lili Elbe, one of the earliest recipients of gender-affirming surgery. But Redmayne, a cisgender man, and the film received criticism from those who believe the role should have been given to a trans actor. 

“No, I wouldn’t take it on now,” he told the Sunday Times in a recent interview. “I made that film with the best intentions, but I think it was a mistake.”

“The bigger discussion about the frustrations around casting is because many people don’t have a chair at the table,” he continued. “There must be a leveling, otherwise we are going to carry on having these debates.”

The actor addressed the controversy when the film was released in 2015, calling it a “gift.”

“When I was preparing to play Lili, I met many women from the trans community who were sensationally generous and kind,” he told TODAY. “The transparency and the need to educate me by opening their hearts was amazing.”

Carol Grant, a trans writer, described Redmayne’s casting as “regressive,” “reductive” and “harmful” in a piece for IndieWire at the time. 

“What should’ve been a celebration of a very complex, compelling transgender figure is instead transmisogynist, and just plain-old misogynist in general,” she said. 

Redmayne has been a public supporter of trans rights. In 2020, he spoke out publicly against a series of tweets from “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling that many denounced as transphobic.
“As someone who has worked with both J.K. Rowling and members of the trans community, I wanted to make it absolutely clear where I stand,” he said in a statement to Variety. “I disagree with Jo’s comments. Trans women are women, trans men are men and non-binary identities are valid. I would never want to speak on behalf of the community but I do know that my dear transgender friends and colleagues are tired of this constant questioning of their identities, which all too often results in violence and abuse. They simply want to live their lives peacefully, and it’s time to let them do so.”

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Rocco’s owner Lance Bass & husband Michael Turchin welcome twins

Singer, husband, and popular West Hollywood nightclub owner, now adds the job of ‘Dad’ to his resume



Lance Bass and Michael Turchin via Instagram

WEST HOLLYWOOD – Former boy-band NSYNC star and co-owner of the popular LGBTQ+ nightspot Rocco’s, Lance Bass, announced that he and husband Michael Turchin are the proud parents of twins, Violet Betty and Alexander James.

In his announcement on Instagram, Bass wrote; ‘The baby dragons have arrived!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I can not express how much love I feel right now. Thank you for all the kind wishes. It meant a lot. Now, how do you change a diaper??! Ahhhhhhhh!”

The babies were carried via surrogate, the singer noted saying that Alexander, born one minute before his sister on Wednesday, weighed 4 lbs., 14 oz. Violet weighed 4 lbs., 11 oz. Bass said in his Instagram post.

His husband also announced the news on his Instagram account. “Introducing the newest members of the Turchin-Bass household: Violet Betty and Alexander James!!!! They’re pure perfection and yes that includes the dozens of poops we’ve already dealt with. Our hearts our full!!! Thank you everyone for the well wishes 🥰🥰🥰”

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