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Your daily guide to Outfest 2018: July 22

“Foxy Trot,” featured as part of “Girls’ Shorts” (Photo courtesy of Outfest)

Today’s the final day of Outfest, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a lot of great movie and event experiences to choose from as the festival draws to a close.  That’s why the Los Angeles Blade is still here to break it all down for you, as we have every day of the festival so far.

As always, here’s our daily roundup with a brief look at the selections of the day.  Whether you’re a hard-core movie buff who plans to see as many screenings as possible, or a casual moviegoer looking for a date night treat, we’ve got you covered!

Just take a look at the offerings of the day and then head on over to www.outfest.org for ticket information.



The venues for today are:

Regal Cinemas at L.A. Live (Regal LA A, Regal LA B, Regal LA C, Regal LA D), 631 W. 2nd St., Downtown L.A., 90012

The Theatre at Ace Hotel (ACE), 842 South Broadway, Los Angeles, 90014



Encore Screening: Cuernavaca (Regal LA B, 11am): After his mother dies unexpectedly, Andy moves into the palatial residence of his strict, no-nonsense grandmother (played by frequent Almodóvar collaborator Carmen Maura) in the Mexican suburb of Cuernavaca. He finds comfort and refuge in Charly, the estate’s young gardener, who introduces him to an exciting world of danger, risk, and temptation. In this epic coming-of-age story, Andy will navigate the pain and joy that comes with grief, growing up, and finding your identity. Directed by Alejandro Andrade Pease.

“Mapplethorpe” (Photo Courtesy of Outfest)

Encore Screening: Mapplethorpe (Regal LA A, 11:15am): Ondi Timoner directed this unflinching biopic of the life and career of iconic artist Robert Mapplethorpe, the renegade queer photographer made famous by his striking black-and-white images of phalluses and flowers.  Starring Matt Smith (“Doctor Who,” “The Crown”) as Mapplethorpe, and set in the gay leather communities and highbrow galleries of New York City in the 70s and 80s, the film takes a chronological look at the influences and practices that captured male homo-erotic desire so poignantly in the face of the devastating toll of the AIDS crisis.

“Juck (Thrust),” featured as part of “Girls Shorts” (Photo Courtesy of Outfest)

Encore Screening: Girls’ Shorts (Regal LA C, 11:15am): In this year’s signature program, we amplify the unapologetic exhilaration of living your truth loud and proud. This program of shorts explores the spectrum of desire across a multiplicity of genders  – trans, cis and non-binary. Whether standing up to your straight and narrow dance instructor, challenging your partner on unspoken tensions, confessing love for your best friend, or sparking resistance through pelvic thrusts, the subjects of these spectacular stories stand up and fight for the power of the queer female gaze. Shorts: Des!re (Dir: Campbell X, 10 min.), Candace (Dir: Emma Weinstein, 10 min.), Boihood (Dir: Rhea Bozzacchi, 7 min.), Salamagan (Dir: Elisa Oh, 13 min.), Foxy Trot (Dir: Lisa Donato, 15 min.), The Dress You Have On (Dir: Courtney Hope Therond, 14 min.), Fig Tree (Dir: Jenni Olson with Ana Quintanilla, 5 min.), Juck [Thrust] (Dir: Olivia Kastebring, 17 min.).

“Victory Boulevard,” featured as part of “OutSet Shorts” (Photo Courtesy of Outfest)

OutSet Shorts (Regal LA A, 12pm): Outfest is thrilled to present the premiere screening of the 2018 OutSet Shorts. OutSet: The Young Filmmakers Project from The Los Angeles LGBT Center and Outfest, now in its sixth year, was created to empower and educate LGBTQ young people to tell their stories through film. A new crop of fellows between the ages of 16 and 24 participated in OutSet 2.0, a six-month filmmaking lab led by industry professionals and mentored by Outfest Alumni filmmakers. Don’t miss the inspiring screening of five short films written, produced, and directed by the next generation of storytellers. Shorts: Victory Boulevard (Dir: Johnny Alvarez,12 min.), Bless the USA (Dir: Sebastian Vergara & Anthony Rizo, 8 min.), Sigourney Weaver (Dir: Andrea Ngeleka, 9 min.), The Curse (Dir: Dave Berenato, 7 min.), Flamers: Bottoms in a Brushfire (Dir: Capucine Berney, 9 min.). Post-Screening Reception, TBD, 1:30pm-3:00pm.

Porcupine Lake (Regal LA B, 1:30pm): During a long, hot summer in Northern Canada, 13-year-old Bea is desperate for a new friend. When she finally meets Kate, a loud and raucous townie, her world begins to open up in ways that she never expected. In an intimate portrayal of the secret life of girls, we watch Bea experience a series of firsts, as she quietly learns what it means to love and truly be free. The fifth feature from returning Outfest alum Ingrid Veninger (He Hated Pigeons, The Animal Project) is a moving and tender tale that leaves the viewer nostalgic for years past. Preceded by Fran This Summer (Dir: Mary Evangelista, 11 min.).

“Game Girls” (Photo Courtesy of Outfest)

Encore Screening: Game Girls (Regal LA C, 1:45pm):  In this personal and moving documentary, we follow Teri and her girlfriend Tiahana as they struggle to navigate life on the streets of Los Angeles’ Skid Row. Recently released from prison for selling drugs, Tiahana returns to find Teri desperate to get off the streets. In intimate and sometimes unsettling scenes that include group therapy sessions and domestic violence, we are transported into the lives of these two women and root wholeheartedly for their love and survival. This local story spotlighting L.A.’s homelessness epidemic premiered at the 2018 Berlin Film Festival.  Directed by Alina Skrzeszewska, who has dedicated the past 12 years of her life to telling stories from L.A.’s skid row.

“Grace and Betty,” featured as part of “Silver Shorts” (Photo Courtesy of Outfest)

Silver Shorts (Regal LA A, 2pm): Queer elders bear the history of our communities, but they’re still writing their own incredible stories every day of the year. This year’s outstanding collection of senior stories reminds us that discovery doesn’t discriminate by age — finding new love and leaving an old life behind, digging up buried memories to field the future, or learning that you share more with family than a last name. Shorts: Grace And Betty (Dir: Zoe Lubeck, 12 min.), Generations (Dir: Kourosh Ahari, 25 min.), From Now On (Dir: Ivonne Coll & Javier Colon, 11 min.), Two Words (Dir: Jesper Emborg, 25 min.), Marguerite (Dir: Marianne Farley, 20 min.), SOULS (Dir: Daniel Gage, 8 min.).

“Every Act of Life” (Photo Courtesy of Outfest)

Encore Screening: Every Act Of Life (Regal LA D, 2:15pm):  Playwright Terrence McNally has redefined contemporary gay theater with an extraordinary body of work that includes “The Ritz,” “Corpus Christi,” “Lips Together, Teeth Apart,” and “Love! Valour! Compassion!,” to name just a few. But his life offstage has been just as fascinating, encompassing activism, addiction, romance, and the constant pursuit of artistic excellence. McNally shares his story onscreen with the help of friends and colleagues like Angela Lansbury, Rita Moreno, Nathan Lane, F. Murray Abraham, and many more, as captured by documentarian Jeff Kaufman (“The State of Marriage”).

“Duck Season” (Photo Courtesy of Outfest)

Duck Season (Temporada de Patos) (LA Regal B, 4pm): In a Mexico City apartment block, 14-year-olds Moko and Flama’s plans for a perfect Sunday afternoon of Xbox and junk food are turned upside-down by a power outage. Along with beleaguered pizza delivery man Ulises (and an assist from girl-next-door Rita’s special brownie recipe), they learn the joy of unplugging and reconnecting with one another. With black-and-white Jarmuschian cool but a heart all its own, this adorable time capsule of pre- smartphone adolescence is a nostalgic echo of a generation unwittingly on the verge of a digital boom. Directed by Fernando Eimbcke, this 2004 film is part of Outfest’s Legacy Series.  Preceded by This Is Not an AIDS Advertisement (Dir: Isaac Julien, 1988, 10 Min.)

“Man Made” (Photo courtesy of Outfest)

Encore Screening: Man Made (Regal LA C, 4:15pm): From surgeries and T parties to the struggles and joys of transitioning, follow four men as they prepare for Trans FitCon, the only bodybuilding competition exclusively for trans men. Glimpse the intimate relationships between these men and their partners, family, and children as they train throughout the year. This powerful documentary culminates in a triumphant gesture of acceptance and an understanding of the shared struggles among them as they take the stage and embody their true selves.  Previously reviewed by the Blade.

Encore Screening: Anchor and Hope (Regal LA D, 4:30pm): On a houseboat in the canals of London, couple Eva (Oona Chaplin) and Kat (Natalie Tena) are reunited with Kat’s boisterous best friend Roger. After a drunken night of celebrating, Roger offers to donate his sperm to help them conceive a child. But is their unconventional lifestyle possible with a baby? This charming dramedy, the second feature by Catalan filmmaker Carlos Marques-Marcet explores the intricacies of love, relationships, and what it means to be a family. This SXSW premiere was written by Screenwriting Lab alum Jules Nurrish.

“Triads,” featured as part of the “Episodic Showcase” (Photo Courtesy of Outfest)

Encore Screening: Episodic Showcase (Regal LA A, 4:45pm): We are entering a time where queer and trans stories are more represented than ever in episodic content. From the gay mafia brought to life with a wink in Enemies of Dorothy to a young man’s earnest exploration of polyamory in Triads, this sampler of series encompasses so many of the queer and trans realities that we experience today. Join us for a 90-minute journey in asking one question: How do our LGBTQ identities intersect, and how do we move forward together as a movement? These shows explore the many answers to that question. Catch them here first: you’ll be sure to binge when they’re greenlit!  Shorts: Broad Strokes (Dir: Philip Vernon, 17 min), Triads (Dir: Matt McClelland, 24 min), Quare Life (Dir: Jessica King, 10 min), Brothers (Dir: Emmett Jack Lundberg & Sheyam Ghieth, 12 min), The Strivers (Dir: Guy Shalem, 20 min),  The T (Dir: Deven Casey & Daniel Kyri, 14 min), Enemies of Dorothy (Dir: Ryan Fisher & Christopher Smith Bryant, 3 min).

“The Miseducation of Cameron Post” (Photo Courtesy of Outfest)

Closing Night Gala: The Miseducation of Cameron Post (Ace, 7pm): The 2018 Outfest Los Angeles wraps up another year closing the night on a special note. It kick-offs at The Theatre at ACE Hotel by bringing back the Award Ceremonies for everyone. You will not want to miss who takes home the audience awards along with the prestigious jury awards. Following that, The Miseducation of Cameron Post will provide just the perfect ending to our fortnight of over 200 films. An adaptation of Emily M. Danforth’s celebrated queer YA novel, the film was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival for its warm, charismatic, and fearless performances. Set in the early 90s, the film follows lesbian teen Cameron (Chloë Grace Moretz, Carrie), sent to a religious conversion camp after she gets caught hooking up with her female best friend. At the camp, Cameron reluctantly undergoes various tactics used to “cure” same-sex attraction from persistent faith leaders Dr. Lydia Marsh (Jennifer Ehle) and Reverend Rick (John Gallagher Jr.), who are intent on “saving” LGBTQ teens. Desiree Akhavan’s unapologetically queer lens delivers a refreshing take on the troubling topic of conversion therapy (which is, to this day, still used in some states) while exploring the themes of self-love, identity, and chosen family, all with unexpected flourishes of humor.

Following the film, come dance the night away as the festival closes at one of the hip locations in DLTA. Your first cocktail is on Outfest as you reminisce and share your favorite memories from the last 11 days!

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