February 14, 2019 at 12:39 pm PDT | by Mariah Cooper
Deadmau5 suspended from Twitch for homophobic ‘hate speech’

Deadmau5 (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Canadian EDM DJ Deadmau5 was suspended from Twitch for using homophobic language on the live streaming video platform.

Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, was live streaming while playing “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground” when he lost the game. He called his opponent a “f*c*ing c**k-sucking stream sniper f*g” which resulted in Twitch banning him for “hate speech.”

Deadmau5 took his rant to Reddit where he defended his statement saying that it wasn’t intended to be hate speech.

The statement “was intended to insult a fckin asshat who was being a fcking asshat… it wasn’t ‘directed at an entire group of people who have a sexual orientation that differs from my own’ fck off with that sht. I know who I am, and I don’t have to fking s*it here and cry and defend my fking self with the obligatory “I’M NOT THAT PERSON, I AM SORRY” reflex,” Deadmau5 wrote.

He deleted the posts from the site but screenshots were taken of the posts.

Deadmau5 came under fire in October when he used homophobic and transphobic language during an online argument about his trademark mouse helmet. The DJ apologized for his remarks and said he was seeking professional help for “his own mental health challenges.”

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