July 3, 2020 at 7:37 am PDT | by Love TaShia Asanti
Resurrecting George Floyd: Oriki for justice, healing & freedom
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Love TaShia Asanti (Photo by D. Pepper Massey)

I see him
Shadow boxing with inherited hatred
His daily processing of purse clutchings and street crossings
Drinking the fear of the big Black man
The powerful elephant whose tusks were not recognized
Carrying a basket of mistakes like every other human
George: our Superfly, our Shaft (Y’all bettah shut your mouth, I’m talking about Shaft)
Our Django wearing blue tuxedo and riding white horse
That son who always calls his mama early on Mother’s Day
That brother with two hustles and three jobs
Still found time to twirl his daughter on his shoulders
Daddy of girlchild who uttered prophetic visions of a daddy who came to change the world

Cause of death: 20 counterfeit dollars
Price of admission for an execution on Facebook live
Chauvin’s cowardly knee on Goliath’s neck
Senseless guns trained on the gunless
Flashback to 1921 hanging captured in a celebratory photo
Leaving humanity baffled by the soullessness of executioners
Breath stopped and tears frozen in a sea of badges and blue uniforms

Moving eyes to stone and hearts to lava
His spirit rises from asphalt to fulfill a destiny
8 minute and 46 second shift from oppressed brother to revered ancestor
A name that would be chanted a million times until it became a scripture
Summoning descendants to white house steps
Calling the breath of six volcanos to a swollen earth
Inciting marches in 18 countries and 50 states
Birthing a new nation of young warriors whose lungs function in clouds of tear gas
Whose bodies carry the tattoo of rubber bullets and billy clubs
They who hypnotize police into prayer position at street altars
They who move politicians to dress their wounds in Kente Cloth
As we raise Black power fist at the doorway of America’s capitol
As we transform murder scenes into temples with prayers, sage, candles and flowers
Rip masks off fake allies and judicial pretenders
Make proof that God’s plan trumps anything that evil and hate gives birth to

That moment you understand that just breathing could get you killed
An era where human decency has disappeared like an obsolete fashion
A people who have been infected with a spiritual virus called racism
Carrying the weight of an ancestral debt on a bill of 400 years of free labor
Stripes from a flawed religion that sanctioned gas chambers and conversion camps
Or just a sick need for everyone to think, love and believe like you
When intolerance morphs into yellow tape at the scene of hate crimes
Violations that no laws, arrests or jail time will ever atone for
The call to Oya for a storm strong enough to break the cycle
Sacrifice to Shango for the balancing of the scales of justice
Let the prophets speak light over the bodies of those who made this agreement
For this little light of mine now becoming a torch for change done come

There is motion in stillness
Ancestral elevation in hands of lightworkers
Peace in Tsunami’s where new worlds are formed
We are birthing hope in rivers
Bringing messages through dreams
We have become the healing
They are a new breed of healers
There is a purpose for this tragic period in American history
To transcend the holocausts
To see new skies open in freedom’s garden
To drink of our collective liberation
To lay down the sword and surrender the badge
To write laws that end with a difference sentence
To give ourselves permission to rest

This poem is for the resurrection of George Floyd
On the day God chose to televise his revolution
He is already reborn
His spirit has risen
He sits high in the holiness of ancient Mothers
He watches over the street soldiers
He carries our prayers to the Master
His shackles are forever broken
He walks in the company of mighty ancestors
He basks in the prayers of the High Priests
He laughs in the rhythm of victory
And he has forever changed the colors of the flag in the land of the freeeeeeee!


Love TaShia Asanti is an award-winning poet, activist, journalist, speaker and author of seven books. For more, visit officialtashiaasanti.com.

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