January 1, 2021 at 2:57 am PST | by Staff reports
Good riddance 2020! A year out of control; COVID, wildfires, elections, the top stories

LOS ANGELES – As California is once again under a stay-at-home order restricting residents and shuttering businesses because of yet another surge of the coronavirus, which has overwhelmed the healthcare system in the Golden State, it’s difficult to imagine that one year ago the events of this past year were literally the essence of science fiction novels come to life.

From the battle waged against COVID-19 to the summer of battling wildfires that raged across the entire state to an election cycle with a badly damaged economy as a result of COVID shutdowns across not only the state but the nation, for some time a nearly dystopian reality seemed to have everything in its grasp.

The week’s edition of the Los Angeles Blade looks back at the top local, state, national & international news stories of 2020;

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