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Los Angeles County

250,000 COVID cases over past 7 days, unvaccinated at extreme risk

“While the small decreases in daily cases numbers, hospitalizations and test positivity are hopeful signs- we will need to remain cautious”



Photo Credit: County of Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health released the latest data on COVID-19 Saturday that noted the County continues seeing high rates of transmission with more than 250,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases over the past 7 days, down from the 291,000 cases reported for the previous 7 days.

“While the small decreases in our daily cases numbers, hospitalizations and test positivity are hopeful signs that the spread of Omicron is declining, we will need to remain cautious these next few weeks while transmission remains at the highest levels we have ever seen,” said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Director of Public Health. “With an average of 35,000 new cases identified each day, it is very easy for any one of us to encounter an infected person during the week. Avoiding crowds, keeping distance, wearing a high-quality mask, and washing our hands add layers of protection that can help each of us stay safe while also shielding essential workers during the surge.” 

The latest data on COVID-19:

  • 39,117 new COVID-19 cases (2,467,797 cases to date)
  • 72 new deaths due to COVID-19 (28,417 deaths to date)
  • 4,698 people currently hospitalized with COVID-19
  • More than 10,848,000 individuals tested; 21% of people tested positive to date

Faces of the COVID19 pandemic

UPDATED, Monday January 24. KTLA reported that 40-year-old Christian Cabrera died from complications due to COVID. (See below)

KTLA reported on a West Hollywood resident Friday, Christian Cabrera, a 40-year-old father who was rushed to the emergency room last week, when he began struggling to breathe. Cabrera, who is not vaccinated and his condition has only gotten worse with pneumonia in both lungs “He keeps saying, ‘please keep take care of my son,’” his brother, Jino Cabrera told KTLA. “He knows he might not make it. He might die in there.”

According to KTLA, Cabrera’s lungs are now weak, making it difficult for him to speak. But he was able to send his brother a text message from his hospital bed in Sherman Oaks late Thursday.

“I can’t breathe again,” the message read. “I really regret not getting my vaccine, if I can do it all over again I would do it in a heartbeat to save my life. I’m fighting for my life here and I wish I have gotten vaccinated.”

Angelenos who were both vaccinated and boosted are 25 times less likely to end up in the ICU than unvaccinated people, according to the county health department.

“If you are fighting an enemy that is relentless, I think it’s vitally important to give your body every chance possible to get better because that’s what getting yourself vaccinated and boosted will do,” Dr. Thomas Yadegar, medical director of the ICU at Providence Cedars Sinai Tarzana Medical Center, told KTLA.

On Thursday, the County Department of Public Health confirmed 102 new COVID-19 deaths — the highest number reported in a single day since March 2021.

About 90% of those deaths were among residents who became ill with COVID-19 after Dec. 24, officials said.

Countywide, COVID-19 patients account for about 30% of those in the county’s intensive care units.

“Let’s not fool ourselves by not recognizing the danger presented by the Omicron variant which is capable of spreading with lightning speed and causing serious illness among our most vulnerable residents,” L.A. County Health Director Barbara Ferrer said in a statement Tuesday.

The family announced Christian Cabrera’s passing on an Instagram post on Saturday. 

“He touched so many people’s lives because was a very loving, kind, generous, caring person with a beautiful heart and soul,” the post read. “Christian was always the one to make people laugh and bring joy into a lot of peoples’ lives… He’s always there for his family and friends whenever they need him.” 


Los Angeles County

Dive into Summer with LA County Parks & Recreation!

Enjoy free recreational swim, exciting games, fun giveaways, music, delicious food, and so much more! Visit LA County Parks & Recreation today



Castaic Sports Complex Aquatic Center offers a splash pad, recreational swimming pool, and swim lanes. (Mayra Vasquez/Los Angeles County)

LOS ANGELES – Join us for an epic series of pool parties happening at all our pools to kick-off our summer aquatics programs!  Enjoy free recreational swim, exciting games, fun giveaways, music, delicious food, and so much more!

Check out our website: and find a pool party happening near you!
Don’t miss out on the fun! Bring your friends and family and let’s make this summer unforgettable! 

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Los Angeles County

Boys & Girls Club of Malibu is raising mental health awareness

The Boys & Girls Club of Malibu (BGCM) members are taking a steps towards addressing youth suicide with the “1 in 5” campaign



(Photo courtesy of The Boys & Girls Club of Malibu)

MALIBU, Calif. – The Boys & Girls Club of Malibu (BGCM) are taking a steps towards addressing youth suicide with the “1 in 5” campaign, a youth-led initiative to raise awareness about mental health.

In light of research indicating that 20% (one in five) of teens seriously contemplate committing suicide and 9% have attempted it, BGCM members are determined to combat this pressing issue through their new thought-provoking clothing line.

“1 in 5” Campaign

Diego Alvarez, a BGCM member for ten years, along with two friends from the club, started the “1 in 5” clothing line to spread the word and remove the taboo surrounding youth suicide and mental health. Alvares and Violet Way, the Director of Education at BGCM and an alumna of the club, gave The Blade an exclusive interview about their recent efforts. 

The “1 in 5” apparel line, is a series of crewneck sweaters featuring thought-provoking statements like “Tomorrow Needs You.” 

“We want to spread awareness and end the taboo surrounding the topic of suicide,” Alvarez told The Blade. “We wanted it to be something for everyone. We created something that was timeless and that could capture the message,” said Alvarez.

The unique apparel line was unveiled at BGCM’s Third Space storefront last month on May 14, coinciding with National Mental Health Awareness Month. Proceeds from the apparel sales support the BGCM Wellness Center, allowing it to continue to offer no-cost mental health counseling and social support services. 

Alvarez emphasized the importance of the campaign’s message: “We definitely want people to reach out.”

Irina C., a BGCM member and mental health advocate, emphasized the importance of addressing suicide openly: “After everything we have been through, I refuse to let suicide be a taboo topic any longer. The more hidden it is, the more stigma there is around it. I want to help people be comfortable enough to talk about it in order to be able to reach for help without fearing judgment, and ‘1 in 5’ will do exactly that.”

The Boys & Girls Club of Malibu

The BGCM Wellness Center serves as a vital resource for youth, families, and the aging population, providing comprehensive mental health services with a commitment to “no barriers to access.” This means that all students, from kindergarten to 12th grade, can access licensed clinical therapists and social workers every school day, free of charge. The clinical team also collaborates with educators to implement a social-emotional wellness curriculum, empowering students to understand and manage their mental health and recognize when peers may need support.

(Photo courtesy of The Boys & Girls Club of Malibu)

Alvarez, reflecting on his long-term involvement with BGCM, said, “It’s really a place I see as a safe space. You can be yourself.” The club, a nonprofit organization, offers a variety of services, including a completely free wellness center. Although there is a $90 fee for the school year, waivers are available, ensuring that everyone has access to its resources, regardless of whether they attend public school in Malibu.

As a child of immigrant parents, Alvarez acknowledges the gap in understanding the benefits of mental health wellness, particularly regarding suicide. “Parents don’t always know how to communicate with their kids and talk about this stuff,” he said. “I want people to know that even though it is hard to talk about, it is still possible to talk about.”

Way noted the club’s efforts to bridge this gap by providing services and workshops for parents, helping them better understand and support their children’s mental health. She also said she encourages open communication about mental health struggles. “It’s better to have a friend that is mad at you and alive,” she stated, emphasizing the importance of supporting friends who may be contemplating suicide and ensuring they feel safe to share their feelings.

BGCM encouraged community members to participate in National Mental Health Awareness Month by purchasing a “1 in 5” crewneck or making a direct donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu Wellness Center.

The Wellness Center, a trauma-informed facility, offers no-cost mental health and wellness services to youth, families, and the aging population. Services include mental health counseling, crisis intervention, trauma-informed case management, social and emotional learning, healthcare assistance, parenting support groups, and student workshops. For more information or to request support services, visit BGCM Wellness Center.

(Photo courtesy of The Boys & Girls Club of Malibu)

For 24 years, the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu has enabled young people to achieve great futures as productive, caring, responsible citizens. With four sites, including a Wellness Center and three Clubhouses, BGCM serves a membership of 700 K-12th graders and 1,700 youth through outreach programs.

The Wellness Center provides free mental health, wellness, and social support services to all Malibu Public Schools and is available to the community at large. Currently, the club services over 200 individuals from over 100 zip codes. BGCM’s programs emphasize academic success, good character and citizenship, healthy lifestyles, and social and emotional wellness.

To learn more about the “1 in 5” initiative and purchase the apparel online, visit Third Space Malibu at link: (Here).

Shop In-Store or Online

Third Space
23357 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, CA 90265

[email protected]
Phone: 310-359-3224

Store Hours:
Tuesday-Friday 11am to 6pm
Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday 11am to 5pm

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Los Angeles County

New on the LA County Channel

You can watch on Channel 92 or 94 on most cable systems, or anytime here. Catch up on LA County Close-Up here



Photo Credit: County of Los Angeles

New on the County Channel

The Los Angeles County Channel has been nominated for two LA Area Emmy® Awards. Hoop Dreams on a Roll was nominated in the Feature Segment category and Pathway Home was nominated in the Informational Series category. Check out the nominated segments here

The awards will be presented in July at a ceremony in Beverly Hills.

You can watch more stories like this on Channel 92 or 94 on most cable systems, or anytime here. Catch up on LA County Close-Up here.

In Case You Missed It

Celebrating Advocacy, Resiliency, and Empathy

The Los Angeles County Justice, Care and Opportunities Department is hosting a Father’s Day event on Sunday June 9 from 12:00 P.M. to 4 P.M. at Earvin Magic Johnson Community Center. There will be entertainment, Games, resources booths, food and more!

To RSVP click here.

At Your Service

Free Gun Safety Locks

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s Office of Violence Prevention, in collaboration with LA County Library, is distributing 1,000 gun safety locks to the public at five library locations across the County; free, no questions asked. An LA County Library card is not required to obtain a free gun safety lock.

To obtain a free gun safety lock online – please visit

For more information about LA County Library’s gun safety lock distribution as well as other Library resources, visit

Out and About

Beach Movie Nights Return!

Beach Movie Nights is returning to Dockweiler Youth Center on Fridays, starting June 7th!

Enjoy FREE family-friendly movie screenings on the sand, by the waves, and under the stars at the Dockweiler Youth Center, Friday nights this summer! Be sure to bring blankets and bundle up.

Click here to learn more.

Photo Finish

The Pride Lifeguard Tower in Hermosa Beach. (Photo: Los Angeles County/Mayra Beltran Vasquez)

Click here to access more photos of LA County in action.

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Los Angeles County

LA County Dept. of Public Social Services raises Pride flag

The Pride flag raising and display is part of the agency’s “continued focus on improving the delivery of services to LGBTQ+ customers



Photo Credit: James Bolden/County of Los Angeles

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. – The Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) joined seven local advocate organizations in affirming its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, with the raising of the Progress Pride Flag at its City of Industry Headquarters.

According to L.A. County Dept. of Public Social Services spokesperson James Bolden, the Pride flag raising and display is part of the agency’s “continued focus on improving the delivery of services to customers who identify as LGBTQ+.”

Photo Credit: James Bolden/County of Los Angeles

L.A. County is home to the second largest LGBTQ+ youth and adult population in the nation. Pride Month, which began locally with the Christopher Street West Pride Festival in West Hollywood, has since grown to include many spirited community celebrations established countywide.

DPSS offices will join other County of L.A. facilities that will fly the Pride Flag throughout the month of June.

Sharing this year’s event theme, “Pride Begins with Us,” DPSS Director Dr. Jackie Contreras welcomed the advocate organizations and more than a hundred department employees who enthusiastically waved mini-Pride flags to demonstrate their support.

“Pride Month is more important than ever, and highly relevant to our important work,” said Contreras. She added that members of the LGBTQ+ community are often hesitant to apply for public benefits out of fear that they may face discrimination. “DPSS wants to make it clear that all are welcome, and no one should delay or forego services from us due to a fear of experiencing discrimination or intolerance.”

Photo Credit: James Bolden/County of Los Angeles

In 2022, as part of a cultural shift to help better engage and serve diverse communities across the County, DPSS implemented an internal Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and (Gender) Expression policy. The policy was a breath of fresh to many like DPSS manager Gladys Pulido who explained how living a life where you are public and proud of your queer identity, is an act of courage.

“My bisexuality is an integral part of who I am, and I didn’t want to hide that anymore,” Pulido said. “I wanted to bridge the incongruence I was experiencing and bring my whole self to work.”


DPSS manager Maria Gorman described how her coming out as an adult caused chaos within her home and community life.  She emotionally described the experience of raising a son with her long-time partner. She hopes her story will make it easier for others to open up about their own unique families.

“Our child is lucky to grow up in a community where kids, teachers, and other parents don’t treat him differently for having two moms,” Gorman said. “We’re not the quote unquote ‘gay family,’ we’re just a family. Our journey may not fit the traditional mold, but what truly matters is the love, joy, and acceptance we share every day.”

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Los Angeles County

LA County offers free Hands-Only CPR Training in Long Beach

“What if it were them?” LA County: Helping to prepare the public to save their loved ones in case of cardiac arrest



CPR Demo (Photo Credit: Los Angeles County Fire Department)

LOS ANGELES – LA County residents can learn how to save a loved one in cardiac arrest using Hands-Only CPR, during a free community event. Participants will receive one-on-one instruction from first responders and will practice on manikins. Hands-Only CPR – pushing hard and fast in the center of the chest until EMS arrives – is easy to learn, can be performed by anyone, and can help save lives during a cardiac emergency.

LA County’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency and the Fire Departments of Long Beach and LA County are teaming up with the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, and Long Beach area hospitals to provide free Hands-Only CPR training to LA County residents during the 2024 Sidewalk CPR event, part of National CPR & AED Awareness Week.

Cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States and early bystander CPR can triple the chances of survival. Less than half of the victims in cardiac arrest in LA County receive CPR before paramedics arrive. More than 70% of cardiac arrests happen at home, learning to recognize cardiac arrest, and taking immediate action can be truly lifesaving for the people you love.

Free Hands-Only CPR Training for CPR & AED Awareness Week

El Dorado Park West – Good Neighbor Park
2800 Studebaker Road, Long Beach, CA 90815
Enter off Studebaker Road

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

First responders in uniform and fire truck. CPR manikins. Training booths where medical professionals will be teaching the public. Spanish, English, Tagalog, and Khmer CPR demonstrations.


  • Nichole Bosson, Medical Director, Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency
  • Richard Tadeo, Director, Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency
  • Rex Richardson, Long Beach Mayor
  • Daryl Supernaw, Long Beach 4th District Council
  • Julia Mockeridge, Health Deputy, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Fourth District
  • Jeanette Christian, Long Beach Deputy, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Fourth District
  • Dennis Buchanan, Fire Chief, Long Beach Fire Department
  • Anh Pham, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Optum California, and volunteer expert with the American Heart Association
  • Steven Munatones, cardiac arrest survivor, and his son Skyler who helped save his life
  • John Zaragoza, cardiac arrest survivor, and his nephew Larry who helped save his life

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Los Angeles County

LA County officials raise Progress Pride Flag at headquarters

“It is important that for the second year in a row, the Progress Pride flag is flying high above the heart of LA County government”



Chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Lindsey P. Horvath, her Board colleagues, and LA County Assessor Jeff Prang were joined by LGBTQ+ community leaders and allies to raise the Progress Pride flag over the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration offices in downtown LA. (Photo Credit: Constance Farrell, Communications Director for Supervisor Horvath)

LOS ANGELES — This morning, Board Chair Lindsey P. Horvath, her Board colleagues, and LA County Assessor Jeff Prang were joined by LGBTQ+ community leaders and allies to raise the Progress Pride flag over the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration.

The second annual flag raising was held before the first June meeting of the Board of Supervisors.  

“Raising the Progress Pride flag at County buildings is an important act of solidarity and inclusion. It lets our LGBTQ+ community know they are safe, welcome, and supported wherever County services are offered,” said Board Chair Lindsey P. Horvath. “It is meaningful to come together in support of our vibrant and diverse LGBTQ+ community to raise the flag to celebrate Pride and to proclaim that Los Angeles County sees you and values who you are, just as you are.”

Last June, Supervisor Janice Hahn authored the motion to fly the Progress Pride flag at the Hall of Administration. Supervisor Horvath joined the motion and expanded it to include all County facilities. For the second year, County facilities will fly the Progress Pride flag all June.

“It is important that for the second year in a row, the Progress Pride flag is flying high above not only the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, the heart of LA County government, but above every LA County facility countywide–sending a message to all our LGBTQ residents that their government sees them, supports them, and strives to make this county a place where they feel safe to live their truth,” said Supervisor Janice Hahn.

The press conference also celebrated the incoming executive director of the inaugural LGTBQ+ Commission, Sunitha Menon, who will step into her role on June 6. LGBTQ+ Commissioners joined the celebration. Supervisors Hilda L. Solis and Horvath authored the motion last June to create the Commission, which will hold its first meeting on June 11.

“I’m proud to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community and my fellow Board of Supervisors to raise the Progress Pride Flag at the heart of County government, because it sends a clear, unambiguous message that Los Angeles County will always be a welcoming and inclusive space that celebrates love, respect, and dignity for all and universally rejects any form of hate, intolerance, and discrimination,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis. “I’m equally proud to be introducing a motion later today that will expand the County’s gender-affirming health care services for Transgender, Gender non-conforming, and intersex residents that will require all County Departments to create unified care coordination teams that can more effectively deliver more comprehensive and seamless gender-affirming care resources to the County’s LGBTQ+ residents. I’m committed to standing with our LGBTQ+ community every day of the year.” 

“As we join together to raise this powerful symbol of inclusion, hope, and acceptance, let the Progress Pride flag also serve as a rallying call to honor our shared responsibility to create a just LA County that is truly inclusive, safe, and affirming for our LGBTQ+ community and for all our residents,” said Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell.

(L-R): Supervisor Holly Mitchell; LA County LGBTQ+ Commission Executive Director Sunitha Menon; Pickle; Board Chair Lindsey Horvath; Supervisor Hilda Solis; Assessor Jeff Prong; Supervisor Janice Hahn; and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. 
(Photo Credit: Constance Farrell, Communications Director for Supervisor Horvath)

“Today, as we raise the Progress Pride Flag over the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration for the second time, we celebrate not only the vibrancy and diversity of our community but also our steadfast commitment to inclusivity and equality in Los Angeles County” said Los Angeles County Assessor Jeff Prang. “As we begin the celebrations of Pride Month, it is important that we reflect upon the remarkable contributions of the LGBTQ+ community to our nation, state, and county while recognizing the barriers that still exist.”

On the heels of WeHo Pride, West Hollywood’s Drag Laureate Pickle, served as the emcee to properly kick off Pride in LA County. Sisters Dominia and Unity from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence provided a blessing.

The Board adopted two items at today’s meeting authored by Chair Horvath and Supervisor Solis focused on uplifting our LGBTQ+ community.

The first item – Care with Pride: Affirming and Expanding the Gender Health Program reaffirms the County’s commitment to offering gender affirming healthcare.

“This Pride, Los Angeles County redoubles our commitment to Care with Pride, validating and supporting our TGI community members through gender affirming healthcare,” said Board Chair Lindsey P. Horvath. “Our leading doctors, social workers, clinicians, and medical professionals are committed to being the health partners our TGI communities deserve.” 

The second item – Gender Affirming Resource Closets for LGBTQ+ Foster Youth in Los Angeles County creates a pilot program to establish no-cost safe spaces for trans young people in foster care to access clothing and other gender affirming resources.  

“Our transgender young people deserve to have places where they can safely access a variety of clothing that affirms their identity and allows them to share with the world who they are,” said Board Chair Lindsey P. Horvath. “This is a powerful action, which our young people called for, and thanks to DCFS and our philanthropic partners – Casey Family Programs and the Pritzker Foster Care Initiative – LA County is making it happen.”

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Los Angeles County

Pride flag flies in Downey again but only at LA County offices

“Thank you to everyone who came to our Pride Flag Raising Ceremony today. What an incredible celebration of love and equality”



Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn at the LGBTQ Pride Flag Raising in Downey on Monday, June 3. (Photo Credit: Bryan Chan/Office of Supervisor Janice Hahn)

DOWNEY, Calif. – Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn accompanied by Downey’s openly LGBTQ+ Mayor Mario Trujillo and LGBTQ+ community leaders gathered on Monday to raise the LGBTQ+ Progress Flag at the offices of LA County Office of Education. The flag will also be hoisted at 8 other LA County owned properties around the area.

Hahn, who represents the county’s 1st District, which includes Downey and other southeast cities along with the mayor marked the beginning of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, in spite a ban by the Downey City Council enacted last month in a 3-2 vote to implement a ‘neutral’ flag policy agenda item brought forward for a vote by Mayor Pro Tem Hector Sosa.

Mayor Trujillo, Supervisor Hahn, as well as openly gay LA County Assessor Jeffrey Prang and county Superintendent of Schools Debra Duardo, joined by other dignitaries spoke prior to the flag raising.

“Pride was not born out of a need to celebrate, Pride was born out of a need to survive,” said the mayor.

Hahn had also invited the three city councilmembers who voted for the neutral flag policy to Monday’s ceremony but they did not attend.

“What we’re doing here today sends a signal, not just in Downey, not just in L.A. County, but across the country that it’s important for all of us to remember to exercise love whenever we can as opposed to exercising hate and bigotry,” said Hahn.

In his remarks, the mayor pointed out that seeing the Pride flag back up in Downey makes his community safer, saying 45% of LGBTQ+ teens will consider suicide.

“If I can save one life, I’ve done my job,” he said.

The Pride Flag is flying high over Downey 🏳️‍🌈
(Photo Credit: Bryan Chan/Office of Supervisor Janice Hahn)

“Thank you to everyone who came to our Pride Flag Raising Ceremony today. What an incredible celebration of love and equality,” Hahn said.

The Downey Patriot Newspaper reported on April 11, 2024 Mayor Pro Tempore Sosa asked city staff to “agendize a conversation” on the subject of a neutral flag policy, and what litigation the city could potentially expose itself to in the absence of adopting one. A neutral flag policy would ban the flying of nongovernmental flags on city buildings.


Currently the city of flies four flags – the American, California, city and MIA-POW flags – year-round.

The Los Angeles County LGBTQ+ Elected Officials (LACLEO) association, in response to the City Council of Downey’s vote to ban the LGBTQ+ Pride flag, expressed its “profound disappointment,” in the decision.

LACLEO President and Los Angeles County Assessor Jeff Prang told the Blade in a statement: “This is a flag that symbolizes hope, freedom and unity. As an association representing over 50 LGBTQ+ elected officials, we are deeply disappointed but also incredibly surprised. Downey hosted the first pride celebration of any city in southeast Los Angeles County, flying the Pride flag proudly.”

The council vote was even more surprising given the fact that Mayor Mario Trujillo and Councilmember Horacio Ortiz are out-LGBTQ+ officials and who both voted against the measure LACLEO told the Blade.

“It just doesn’t make any sense for the leaders of a community that has been supportive of their LGBTQ+ constituents in the past to now adopt what appears to be a mean-spirited measure. At a time when we need to come together as a society more than ever, this can only serve to create division and discord where there was none,” Prang added.

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Los Angeles County

New on the LA County Channel

You can watch on Channel 92 or 94 on most cable systems, or anytime here. Catch up on LA County Close-Up here



Photo Credit: County of Los Angeles

New on the County Channel

The LA County Fire Department hosted a Women’s Lifeguard Prep Academy in Venice where hopeful recruits got the full experience of being a lifeguard.

You can watch more stories like this on Channel 92 or 94 on most cable systems, or anytime here. Catch up on LA County Close-Up here.

In Case You Missed It

This Weekend – Free Pet Adoptions!

The County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control is proud to announce its participation in the first ever California Adopt-a-Pet Day on Saturday, June 1!

More than 150 animal shelters and organizations throughout the State will be offering FREE adoptions as part of this groundbreaking event. The ASPCA has generously committed to covering adoption fees for participating shelters, ensuring that the adoption process is accessible to all. Potential adopters can visit their local animal care and control center on June 1 to meet pets in search of their forever home.

For more information about California Adopt-a-Pet Day and to find a participating shelter near you, please visit

At Your Service

Income Assistance for Expecting Mothers

The California Abundant Birth Project, a guaranteed-income program, provides monthly cash assistance to pregnant individuals with the highest risk of perinatal health inequities, to support healthier outcomes for babies and mothers.

Learn about the program’s eligibility requirements and apply at California Abundant Birth Project. For questions and more information, email [email protected].

Out and About

Small Business Summit

Join Team DEO and partners for the grand finale of the LA Region Small Business Summit Series in the Antelope Valley next week on May 30th! Get ready to immerse yourself with expert panels, a bustling expo, and FREE resources from 35+ partners and organizations – all tailored to fuel your entrepreneurial journeys. Stop by:

Thursday, May 30th – Antelope Valley College
3041 West Avenue K, Lancaster CA 93536

Ignite the spark of innovation and prosperity with Team DEO. If call the Antelope Valley and the Fifth Supervisorial District home, there’s still time to claim your spot. Register NOW by visiting here.

Photo Finish

Little Yorkie, Noah, enjoying the day at Dali’s Dog Park in Peter F. Schabarum Regional Park in Rowland Heights. (Photo Credit: Los Angeles County / Mayra Beltran Vasquez)

This park features two separate fenced enclosures for small and large animals to safely play off-leash, shaded benches, drinking fountains, and obstacles for high energy dogs.

Click here to access more photos of LA County in action.

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Los Angeles County

Rep. Kamlager-Dove & Project Angel Food mark a milestone

Project Angel Food celebrated a monumental achievement, delivering the 18 millionth meal to critically ill residents of LA County



Democratic Congresswoman Kamlager-Dove with Project Angel Food celebrated a monumental achievement, delivering the 18 millionth meal to critically ill residents of Los Angeles County on Thursday. (Photo Credit Noe Garcia/Project Angel Food)

LOS ANGELES — Rep. Sydney Kamlager-Dove (D-CA) joined Project Angel Food CEO Richard Ayoub to celebrate a monumental achievement, delivering the 18 millionth meal to critically ill residents of Los Angeles County on Thursday.

The significant milestone event unfolded at Project Angel Food’s headquarters off Vine Street in Hollywood with staff and volunteers joining in the celebrations, reflecting the collective effort and dedication that fuel this vital organization.

Rep. Kamlager-Dove was given a tour of the kitchen facilities and witnessed first-hand the meticulous care and compassion that goes into preparing each meal. The congresswoman then actively participated in the operations, labeling the final meals leading up to the 18 millionth and engaging with the dedicated team whose efforts ensures greatest impacts achievable.

Ayoub and Rep. Kamlager-Dove spoke and the congresswoman presented a certificate of recognition from the U.S. House of Representatives, lauding Project Angel Food for its unwavering service to the community.

“Project Angel Food truly embodies the spirit of angels, with each meal prepared and delivered, serving as a testament to the love and care bestowed upon our community members in need,” Kamlager-Dove said.

Echoing the significance of the occasion in his remarks, Ayoub noted, “Project Angel Food is rising to the challenge with these 18 million meals, and will continue to do so, as there are more people sick, hungry, and alone who need a medically tailored meal not only to make them feel better, but to feel loved.”

Rep. Kamlager-Dove delivered the milestone meal to a stroke survivor battling cardiovascular disease, emphasizing the organization’s role in addressing the health challenges faced by many in the region.

Kamlager-Dove also noted that Project Angel Food continues to stand as a pillar of hope and vital support, especially within California’s 37th Congressional District, which is home to 722 individuals needing meals delivered each year. A significant portion of the clients are among the most vulnerable populations with severe diabetes being a prevalent challenge.

Founded in 1989, Project Angel Food nourishes the spirit and health of vulnerable people facing critical and life-threatening illnesses by preparing and delivering medically tailored meals with love, care, and dignity. More than 2,500 clients are fed daily with more than 1.5 million meals delivered each year — 18 million in its 35-year history.

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Los Angeles County

New survey: “Without LGBTQ people, LA would just be traffic”

In the Lived Experiences in LA County (LELAC) Survey, researchers asked about 500 participants what, if anything, LGBTQ people contribute



East Los Angeles Library presents Mariachi Arcoiris during Hispanic Heritage Month. On National Coming Out Day, the first LGBT mariachi in the world performs and discusses the sensitive topic that is very taboo in the Hispanic community. (Mayra B. Vasquez/Los Angeles County)

LOS ANGELES – A new survey of LGBTQ adults in Los Angeles County by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law finds LGBTQ people provide many of the things that give LA County its unique identity and make it an attractive place to live and visit.

In the words of a cisgender gay white man in his 30s: “Without LGBTQ people, LA would just be traffic.”

In the Lived Experiences in Los Angeles County (LELAC) Survey, researchers asked about 500 participants what, if anything, LGBTQ people contribute to the broader LA community and culture. Responses ranged from offering values of acceptance, support, love, and resilience to enriching diversity, helping others, and contributing to all parts of the local economy.

“Despite the challenges they face, LGBTQ Angelenos are proud of the many contributions they make to LA County,” said lead author Brad Sears, Founding Executive Director at the Williams Institute. “LGBTQ contributions make the County unique, a better place to live for everyone, and a model of equality, diversity, and pride for other parts of the United States.”

Positive values and characteristics

More than 40% of LGBTQ respondents identified positive values and characteristics, including acceptance, inclusivity, empathy, love, vibrancy, joy, and support.

As one cisgender bisexual white man in his 60s said, “LGBT people contribute intelligence, strength, passion, generosity of spirit, and courage to the broader community and culture of LA County.”

Enriching diversity

About one-third (31%) of respondents said that LGBTQ people and communities added to LA County’s rich diversity. They mentioned that by living their lives openly and with pride, LGBTQ inspire everyone to accept themselves and live openly as their authentic selves.

A cisgender bisexual Black woman in her 40s said, “The desire and expectation to live their authentic lives openly and honestly is the contribution … [It’s] the reminder to live authentically.”

Culture, arts, and creativity

About one-third (31%) of respondents noted how LGBTQ people’s creativity contributes to the arts, culture, and entertainment in Los Angeles.

One nonbinary white person in their 80s said, “[We have] a different way to experience life and the world. A new approach to problems derived from living a life contrary to what is forced upon us. A vibrant art expressing our different beliefs and lives.”

Community leadership and service

More than one in five (22%) respondents described how LGBTQ people give back to LA County by supporting marginalized communities, volunteering, and participating in the political process.

A cisgender bisexual Latina in her 30s said, “Without queer people, so many societal developments would still be stalled … LA County LGBTQ people have carved out a safe haven for those who need a home and community.”

Economic contributions

About one in ten (11%) LGBTQ respondents emphasized the economic contributions of the LGBTQ community to LA County to industries such as entertainment, hospitality, and education, by being entrepreneurs and promoting tourism.

As one cisgender Asian lesbian in her 20s said, “Gay tourism stimulates the economy due to LA’s reputation as a hotspot for LGBT people.”

“LGBTQ people feel they make significant and unique contributions to the Los Angeles County community,” said co-author Christy Mallory, Legal Director at the Williams Institute. “These contributions are often grounded in how LGBTQ people differ from non-LGBTQ people, including their lived experiences of being closeted, bullied, and discriminated against.”

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