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    Ladies First LA Multi-Media... Posted on April 18, 2021 at 9:06 pm PDT
    Daniel Estrada as 'Oscar'... Posted on April 14, 2021 at 12:42 am PDT
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    Pandemic vastly changing Hollywood's entertainment landscape

    But with the pandemic vastly changing Hollywood, countless red carpet-related industry jobs have been

    April 5th | by Susan Hornik


    ‘Wojnarowicz’ burns with a queer icon’s brilliant fury

    Self portrait of David Wojnarowicz. (Courtesy the estate of Wojnarowicz) If we want our heroes to

    March 26th | by John Paul King


    Diverse Oscar slate lacking queer nominees

    Academy snubs groundbreaking ‘Welcome to Chechnya’

    March 16th | by John Paul King


    Embattled Golden Globes scramble for show of diversity

    Sincerity of message left in doubt

    March 2nd | by John Paul King


    HBO Max’s Lupe Blazes a Trail Into the Search for Authenticity

    Lupe airs on HBO Max February 26th at 8pm. Find her

    February 23rd | by Rob Watson


    Witness to the horrors in Chechnya

    It’s a film that makes you want to look away but doesn’t let you do

    February 19th | by John Paul King


    Lesbian love story becomes thriller in ‘Two of Us’

    More Hitchcockian potboiler than heartfelt sociopolitical drama

    February 5th | by John Paul King


    Firth, Tucci face tragedy with restraint in ‘Supernova’

    Oscar buzz mounts for two straight actors playing gay

    January 26th | by John Paul King
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