June 6, 2017 at 2:43 pm PDT | by Vic Gerami
Julianna Brudek’s response to Pulse shooting became a documentary

Juliana Brudek (Photo courtesy Brudek)

Since before Prop 8, Los Angeles has been at the forefront of LGBTQ activism as perhaps the most dynamic city in the country, inspiring and inspired by artists and activists like Julianna Brudek.

Born in 1979 in Detroit, first generation Polish American, Brudek has a degree in film from Columbia College in Chicago. Upon graduation, she was one of nine students selected to participate in the prestigious ‘Semester in LA’ program held on the CBS studio lot. There, she won best short screenplay for her film entitled “Ransom Family.”

Although she has a diverse resume, Brudek excels in horror films and has produced three features, including “The Bizarre Art of Samantha,” “Flesh and Blood a Go! Go!” and “…In Furs”.

From film to the stage, Brudek is a storyteller and can do it all. She has produced and directed shows for charities such as “Broadway to the Rescue” and “Hope of the Valley.” In 2011, she wrote and directed a musical, “The Goodship Fellowship”, for a LGBTQ community fundraiser.

However, Brudek’s biggest and most ambitious project took place last year. Following the Pulse massacre in Orlando, she picked nine members of the Los Angeles LGBTQ community to go across country for an anti-gun violence rally in Washington, D.C. She rented a bus, hired a camera crew and filmed the entire trip as a documentary. She combined her passion for filmmaking and activism to produce a powerful film that will inspire generations of activists.

Look for “Disarm Hate: The Documentary” and the horror film, “The Gardener,” to be released soon, as well as several other projects currently in post-production.

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