December 15, 2019 at 4:31 am PST | by Billy Masters
Buttigieg rings the wrong bell
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Mayor Pete found himself in hot water with some gay critics for his past work with the Salvation Army.

“I didn’t bother going to school. I just found my inner pussy.” — Sir Ian McKellen explains how he prepared for his role as Gus the Theatre Cat in the film version of the musical “Cats.”

After a recent brief stay in Florida, I had to dash to Los Angeles to co-host “Sidebar with John Duran” on Channel Q Radio, which is syndicated around the country (you can hear the show on The good thing about when I host something is I bring my own guests. I booked Jenifer Lewis, since she was appearing in Debbie Allen’s “Hot Chocolate Nutcracker” gala the following night. And what a night it was. Shonda Rhimes donated a building to the Debbie Allen Dance Academy! And I learned that Berry Gordy gave Debbie the first $50K to get started. As to the show, there was never such a “Nutcracker.” More than 200 gorgeous kids danced, sang, and acted their tails off. And speaking of tails, Jenifer Lewis played a rat. We were joined backstage by the young and restless Shemar Moore, who has a pretty hot tail himself.  You must check out the photos at

An old photo has surfaced of Pete Buttigieg raising money for the Salvation Army — he’s even wearing the apron and ringing the bell. Turns out, the mayor has a long history of working with the group and actually held a mayoral event at the Salvation Army center in 2018. As I told you last week after Ellie Goulding performed at the Dallas Cowboys’ Salvation Army halftime show on Thanksgiving, the organization has a long history of anti-gay stances. However, the Salvation Army has said they have “evolved” on some of their views. Instead of people finding fault with Mayor Pete over groups he has volunteered for, why not focus on the fact that he actually volunteers?! I dunno about you, but I sure ain’t standing outside in the cold ringing a bell for NOBODY!

And now, time for more of “Billy’s Holiday Gift Giving Suggestions.” Who doesn’t love an ornament? And who doesn’t love Broadway? You put those two things together and you get one of my favorite annual gifts – the Broadway Legends collectible ornament. Since 2008, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS has raised money by featuring an iconic Broadway performer immortalized as a handmade glass ornament.  For 2019, the honor goes to Angela Lansbury in the title role of “Mame.” You can grab this one at

A couple of months ago, I went to an event that featured celebrities playing the game “You Don’t Know My Life,” which is described as “The TMI Party game with no wrong answers…just #inappropriate ones.” The game was created by my pal Dennis Hensley with Jeb Havens, and is based on Hensley’s experience of interviewing celebrities and asking odd questions to get them to tell offbeat stories. If you play this with the right people (the night I was there, both Frank DeCaro and Melissa Peterman were playing), it can be both hysterical and shocking. On that fateful night, I shared a long-forgotten story about me and Ben Stiller on an airplane – but I’ll save that for another time. This is great to play with friends, both old and new. Grab it at

Here’s a first – this week’s “Ask Billy” question comes from within my own organization. My proofreader Aaron writes, “I just read about Jason Derulo’s dick being censored online.  So now I wanna see it.”

Obviously I have the photo in question, but I didn’t plan on running it. Why? They discussed this on “The Talk.” If I live by one rule of thumb: There’s no reason to share a story that has been discussed by Marie Osmond. But rules are made to be broken. Jason posted a photo where he was clad only in some tight-fitting black boxer briefs – briefs that showed a sizable tubular structure across the front. When a fan asked what was in there, Derulo said an “anaconda.” Apparently harboring an animal in your undies is an Instagram no-no. The social media platform said the photo was “taken down for nudity or sexual activity.” Jason shot back, “I can’t help my size.” When they discussed this on “The Talk,” someone wondered if it was discrimination. Why can you show a large-breasted woman in a tight T-shirt but not a large-penised man in tight undies? Food for thought. That food was a bit much for Instagram, but it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet at

When being big is bad, it’s definitely time to end yet another column. And be sure to visi, the site where size is never an issue.  If you have a question, send it along to [email protected] and I promise to get back to you before I tell you which celebrity mentioned in this week’s column actually kissed my hand. Here’s a hint – we have a nude photo of him on the website, too! So, until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.

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